I am a warrior – I will not be defeated by a pair of pajama pants!

13 September , 2012




Don’t be deceived by the sweet angelic face, here be dragons! 😉

Let me start at the beginning, shall I? Well, I’ve been going through some training at work and it’s usually two days every second week or so away from the office on these courses. It’s nice and I’m learning lots, the only downside is that the show must go on work wise so there’s considerably more pressure on the days that I am in the office plus I can’t get away on time to fetch Nicola from school so I’ve had to ask my mom to help me out (which she gladly did and is doing until mid October when it all settles down again).

The big thing is that Nicola appears to be extremely sensitive to routine changes and this whole experience has just been a bit too much for her so she’s trying to makes us all aware of the problem by being an absolute terror and brat every now and then. I’ve seen tantrums before, but I have not seen the likes of these!

Yesterday, after a spectacularly passionate pants-fight (what we get into when I won’t let her leave the house naked to go to school), I got to work and I was finished I tell you. I actually had a chat to steamcleaner and told her that I feel so defeated…

I cannot believe that a pair of pajama pants are going to beat me. What is this world coming to?

Anyhoo, I felt much better after our chat (we have mutual shoulder sessions where it’s really just a free for all bitching and moaning session and everyone feels better afterwards). That and she gave me a voucher for a massage cause I looked like I needed it (is this woman not just the most fantastic manager you’ve ever heard of?! No, you can’t have her – she’s mine).

We live to fight another day and so on…

So it was with renewed resolve that I anticipated the next round this morning, but Nicola has cleverly decided to throw me off balance and lull me into a false sense of security with a calm day. Not one squeek out of her about getting up, getting ready or getting going at all. Gosh, I hope the mood lasts until bed-time! 😉

Ps! These photos were taken on Saturday. I LOVE them to the point of possibly having at least one printed on a big canvas. By the way, this is what she wanted to wear on Saturday to the picnic I thought we were having with Melinda and family at Delta park…turns out we were only having the picnic on Sunday. I felt like such an idiot when I realised we rocked up on the wrong day.

Well, we ended up having our Saturday picnic food at my parents’ place and we had another picnic on Sunday again (that time round the pink terrorist wanting to wear winter pajamas and the fairy wings, so we just went with it). What a great place! I’ll post some photos of that too as soon as I find my feet again.



  1. The pics are beautiful!!!!! And yes, don’t let the little one get you down. I think it’s the age. Mine are in parts so sweet and then when you get lulled in, they pull out some naughty like you haven’t seen!!!

  2. Pics are beautiful! I think I need a Steamcleaner in my life. NBL is the OPPOSITE of that. It’s terrible!
    And yes, I am feeling you on the pyjama wars. We made SUCH great progress with the hoodie business last week. I was THRILLED! This week we are back to square 1. Luckily for Child2 I am WAY too exhausted to fight with him so I’m letting him think that he’s the winner. FOR NOW!

    • Marcia, it’s all part of parenting I guess. 😉 I’m okay. It’s just been a super rough week all round.

      Julia, best boss ever I know! A lot of what she does for me I can’t even talk about. She should wear a cape.

  3. Your little one is one brave girl. I know adults who won’t even get anywhere near my house because of my dogs (of which two were called horses because of their size). The pictures are really beautiful and they deserve a blow up or you can print all three and put in one of those 3 in 1 picture frames or even have a collage made of it. And the tiara, how deserving of a little pricess.

    Oh dear, I thought you had let those pyjamas grow legs and walk away. Hopefully the battle is temporary. Maybe buy her a new set (hopefully the newness would lure her into forgetting about this one)

  4. The joys of parenthood. My two also give me times like these. The one morning it’s hell on earth and the following it’s heaven. No fuss and no nothing.

    • MrsFF, we did! She still loves the original one most of all.

      blackhuff, I know she’s acting out because of the crazy week we’ve had but it’s not easy. *sigh*

  5. Those are indeed beautiful photos…

  6. Thank you!

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