Wordless Wednesday

5 September , 2012




  1. She’s a wee darlin!

  2. Really she was sulking in that picture. It actually looked like she was working on her ‘star’ chart.

    Very soon Louis you will not have to hire a handy man because you have a handy woman right next to you. Can she come fix my kitchen pls (LOL)

    🙂 🙂

  3. Oops that was meant to say Louisa not Louis 😉

  4. Just look how cute with the shoes

  5. Mrs FF, nope – she was sulking up a storm I promise. 😉 Hahaha! I could bring her, but I think it’s just fair to warn you that she only hammers holes into innocent pieces of wood at the moment, so not exactly fixing.

    Cat, it’s just a few of the occasions where I got some on her. I am glad winter is over because I am very tired of washing those wellies! Nicola refuses to wear dirty shoes, even just a little dirty.

  6. I think I tell you the same thing every time I leave a comment, she is absolutely beautiful a stunning little princess, you can be so proud.

  7. Fairy Girl, thank you – I never get tired of hearing it. I am extremely proud. 🙂

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