I’m having THAT day

4 September , 2012

Have you ever had one of those days where any and every machine or computer you touch just doesn’t feel like co-operating?

I’m having that day…

So far the tally of things not working as I think they should:

  • One secret place system password expired, managed to get it reset, no access anymore to do what I need to do in there and the person who can fix it is not available today. Legend has it that this is usually a three minute operation, I put the request in at 09:00. 
  • One secret place group intranet search page that I need to access to keeps asking me for a password that hasn’t actually expired, had it reset anyway, still doesn’t bloody work, every other bloody website does – explain that!
  • One secret place system which I haven’t used or needed to use in almost three years suddenly becomes necessary, password expired, actually even better – username no longer active! turns out this also controls the search page, go figure – though not one soul alive can tell me how that might be the case since you don’t have to sign in with this username to get to that intranet page. Grrrr! Oh wait it gets better: on the page where you get told you don’t have access anymore it recommends that you contact your local other secret place system administrator…that happens to be me so I’m f-ed, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be of help because I can’t give access on that system even if I wanted to. I now have to ask some secret agent in Dubai to help me run this report, but I can’t ask him yet because the stuff that needs to go in it is only being put there tomorrow morning (by me after someone ** finally gives it to me) and then it has to simmer overnight before the report system will actually see it. If I ask him now to run it on Thursday, he’s bound to run it now and Thursday (if I’m lucky, otherwise just run it now and forget about Thursday) and then ask me why there’s a difference (incidentally that difference is due to someone not mentioned later and earlier in this ramble – look out for the ** sign).
  • Plus the pox ridden machine keeps telling me it wants to do an automatic restart no matter how many times I let it do it. It’s really bloody annoying…I’m about to restart it out the 4th floor window with a high kick!

I’ve about had it with the “technology” around here today. Oh, on an unrelated note – did I tell you that we’ve had another resignation? No? Well we did. And there’s another one we’re all kind of hoping for but that hasn’t come (yet) **.


More un-computer related bitching:

PS! ** happens to be the one I lost my cool with last week AFTER I came back from conflict resultion training with such sparkling intentions to find a way to communicate with him.

PPS! Since ** has found himself in a tight spot with regards to the quality of his work, he has alternatively tried to blame me for not checking it, or sometimes for treating him like a child when I do. He refuses to even look up when I walk into a room now – so I guess I’m dead to him and so on (I am oddly okay with that actually). He now has the reputation of asking the same question to the same people at least three times in a row without managing to understand the answer and there are at least 5 people I know of that now refuse to speak to him in general because they really don’t see the point of repeating themselves.

PPPS! I can tell you this though, if he thought I was on his case before he has no idea what’s about to happen. If he wants to cross swords with me, he better be ready to rumble. I am going to be scrutinising his reports to the nth level, and they better be on time too (unlikely, he has never been on time for anything – average of 2-20 days late on every single delieverable he’s ever been involved in).

PPPPS! Out of computer frustrations I have in fact just kicked the bucket (a.k.a dustbin) clear across the passage. I do feel somewhat better now. Breathe in…breathe out…whooosah… 😛



  1. Flip! Now this is really one of those days. Luckily it’s almost over.

  2. LOL…love it when you b*tch about the secret place. I hope your day got better.

  3. blackhuff, it took a turn for the better once I left here. 😉

    Julia, thanks – I was in two minds about whether I should post it, but it felt good to get it off my chest and I figure it’s vague enough to cover my behind.

  4. Oh DEAR

  5. Ag siestog man! But love to know that things do go wrong in secret places too

  6. Mrs FF, indeed… 😛

    Cat, it does – and when it does it goes wrong all over!

  7. Ag no tech hassles are a nightmare!

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