1 September , 2012

Marcia is running a little photo challenge for September and the theme for today is colour.

So here goes:


The wisteria that grows at Nicola’s school. This plant only looks good for about one week a year and it’s always the week of spring day. 🙂


The colour of happiness is soft serve white. She said, “Mommy…I’m sooo hungry for ice cream.” How could I resist?


Got these from Tamara. Aren’t they gorgeous!


New dress from Ouma. Thank goodness! Getting her into a dress is the only way to get her out of pajamas at the moment.



More lovely spring colours!

Yes, yes…I know there was only supposed to be 5. I can count, but I couldn’t choose. 😉



  1. Thank you for linking up. My raves are the colour of happiness…. And the purple dress.

    Ps I had no idea wisteria only bloomed for a week. High maintenance 🙂

  2. Nice colours. The princess looks lovely in her dress, and if it gets her out of the pyjamas why not 😉

  3. Oh that dress is stunning. I a, loving the bright bits of coral trees at the moment

  4. Such wonderful spring photos! I’m a bit sad we’re heading toward fall, soon I’ll have dull and blah. 😦

    I love that wisteria!

  5. Marcia, my pleasure! It probably blooms a bit longer than that in general – but the one at Nicola’s school only does a week. It’s tenatious though, anything that survives there has to do so by itself (no watering) and amongst the trampling of MANY little feet. 🙂

    Mrs FF, I agree – my mom actually went and bought her another three dresses this weekend exactly for that purpose!

    Cat, they really are stunning trees!

    Mandy, fall is my second most favourite season next to spring. At least there is the wild display of coloured leaves before the drab of winter begins?

  6. […] This is the second post on Marcia’s photo challenge. (First one here) […]

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