Quick update

30 August , 2012

These photos were from a few weeks ago when we went to visit Marcia…


So, what’s been happening this week:

  • We still have the occasional tantrum, but in general things have really improved since we changed up our routine a bit. The morning especially have become practically drama free and I couldn’t be happier!
  • I’ve been on training again this week, Monday and Tuesday. The previous course was on Succesful Presentations and this one was on Developing Profitable Relationships. The course content wasn’t exactly obvious from the name, because what it really entailed was profiling and then some techniques on conflict resolution. All handy, all good to know – I am really enjoying the training so far.
  • If you want to know more about the profiling, I’ll tell you this: They have these four categories (similar to DISC but with different names). They are Power, Popular, Peaceful and Perfect. Surprise,surprise I come out as a very strong Power (19) 😆 medium on both Popular (10) and Perfect (7), hardly any Peaceful (4) – I’ll give you a minute to act surprised if you need to. 😉
  • We also did a little exercise on perceptions where you have to make character calls on five people in a story. Later you get the facts that they didn’t tell you about, and an opportunity to feel guilty for misjudging them so harshly. The instructer had this saying that she shared with us, “We don’t know what we don’t know, but we think we do…” Some words of wisdom there I think.
  • As part of the conflict resolution part of the course we had a look at Johari’s window. This is the first time I’ve come across it. It’s not really my style of conflict resolution (I’m more a come out guns blazing type in general), but I can certainly see the potential in it. Flee, the trainer, wanted to say something with the word manifesting in it, but accidentally called it manifestering instead. I couldn’t stop laughing, I love that new word! – definitely going to find a way to use it in conversations. 😉 
  • Ironically, after two days of this kind of training I came to the office yesterday and threatened to kill someone who pissed me off (repeatedly). I did apologise later for my extreme reaction to a stupid question, and luckily he seems to have much more Peaceful in his make up than I do – so it’s all water under the bridge (for now). 
  • My sinuses are KILLING me! Loving the spring and all the flowers. Can’t wait for the first big storm to clear the air from pollen and dust. I have woken up with a head ache every single day this week. By the time we hit 10:00 I am 6 Panadoes strong already. And I’ve killed 3 small spiders already this week, so rest assured – winter is definitely over. 😉
  • You may remember a while ago I was moaning about my shoulder being sore? Well, I think I may have torn something in it from all the lifting and carrying. Nothing too serious, I just try and behave less like a pack mule and that seems to help. So yesterday when I picked Nicola up from school, I lifted her and kissed and hugged her like crazy as always and then instead of carrying her to the car i asked her to walk and hold my hand because my arm was hurting really bad again. No problem. This morning when I dropped her off again I asked her if she wanted me to carry her in or walk herself…guess what she said…”Nee Mamma, ek sal self loop. My skouer is te seer om gedra te word.” Mwahahaha! Well, I’m not complaining. 😉

Right. I better get some work done. Have a super Thursday kids!



  1. You’re not the only one suffering from sinus. Mine is so sore today 😦 I’m on panado since Saturday.
    Glad it’s going so much more better with the new routine and all.
    She’s feeling your pain (Shoulder) 🙂

  2. I love the independence for that – less work for us 🙂

    I seriously love these courses – I know some people don’t like them but maybe it’s because I could train these things. Anyway, I’m also a “strong D” (power) with a small bit of perfect (C) in there. Most of all, I love how you get back to the office and want to kill!

    I love those blocks the kids are playing with. BTW, my lovely friend Caren went to see if she could buy me some more of those blocks and sticks at WP. ALL SOLD OUT. Do you think any South Africans read my blog and went to get them? HAHAHA

  3. blackhuff, I see my weather app is predicting some rain for next week – so keep your fingers crossed!

    Marcia, hahaha! I’m actually not sure why I reacted so violently – except maybe that this particular individual has been a thorn in my side for months now when it comes to reporting. And maybe because I gave the whole team training on the thing he asked me about last week Thursday…precisely because he was getting it wrong! Grrr…

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