Weekend wrap-up

20 August , 2012

These are not from the weekend though…


My left shoulder and arm hurt like a mother-trucker! Seriously, I cannot think of anything that I may have done to cause this. So either I am pinching a nerve or I’m having the slowest heart attack on earth (3 days and counting). Yes, yes…I’ll go see a doctor or something this afternoon and see if they can do something about it.

We did some clothes shopping for Nicola over the weekend. Taking a two year old to the mall is not for the faint hearted I tell you. We did get some lovely stuff, and she managed to convince my mom to buy her a crown. Nicola and the crown has since been inseperable! In fact, if I want to lure her into the bath I have to sell it as washing the crown…it even goes there!

The tantrums over this weekend have been nothing short of phenomenal. So much so that I cut her sugar off completely yesterday until she ate a proper meal and started behaving better. This did not go down well with the pink terrorist at all. While I was taking a bath she came wandering into the bathroom. She told me that she is very disappointed in me and then closed the door between us. What the hell?! Hahahaha. She’s got that technique down, which surprises me since I never ever close any doors between us and I never ever use that D word on her either. Anyhoo, I decided instead of taking a ride on that guilt trip, to rather spend the few minutes I was given to reflect on it enjoying my bath in peace and quiet. I don’t do guilt trips, not as a passanger or a travel agent.

Yesterday, after all that, I let Nicola wear one of her new dresses. She is definitely a girly-girl! 😆 All day she went around twirling and dancing in this dress and she loves it. She loves it so much that she went to bed in it too, refusing to take it off. This morning it was chaos again getting her ready for school, and into clean clothes. (This is also not so easy to do with an unwilling participant and a bloody sore and lame left arm!).

Lots and lots of tears. Eventually she tells me that she doesn’t want to go to school because L (the bully) hurts her. I have had just about enough of this little L brat I tell you. So here comes my next mother of the year award. Instead of my usual advice of telling L that we don’t play with bullies and walking away, I told her if L hurts her again to hit her as hard as she can. I said if the teacher is not going to sort this out, I will, and the next time that girl hurts her she must tell me and I’ll come to school and give her a hiding of note (I won’t do this of course, cause that will get me locked up) but I will think of a suitable substitute if it happens again. Once we got to school I spoke to the teacher again. I told her I am at my wits end about this now. Nicola doesn’t want to come to school because she says that L hurts her. I’ve had it with this. I know they keep telling me that L doesn’t hurt Nicola, but if I hear about this again then i will have to start thinking about moving her to another school. I can’t carry on like this.

So they’re putting them in different classes for the week to see if it will make a difference. I really hope it does or I’m going to start asking to see every minute of Nicola’s school day’s CCTV footage to see for myself what’s going on there. I might start doing that in any event actually.

I think it is safe to say that I am wearing the cranky pants today.



  1. Oy, vey.
    It’s really hard when they’re still so little to get to the bottom of bullying issues.

    I reckon taking a look at the CCTV footage is a great idea for the sake of your own peace of mind.

    I must say, though, that I’ve had my share of experience when it comes to bullying and accusations thereof and there are a couple of things to consider:

    1. Often, kids will assert something in order to create an effect or get a reaction. And if you make a big deal of it, they will keep it up because they like being able to create such an effect or because in time they become afraid that if they then tell the truth they’ll be in trouble for having made you so upset about something that wasn’t real.

    2. Sometimes, a small child will accuse someone they don’t like of having hurt them because they think it’ll help get the person they don’t like removed from their space. I had a very good friend get very upset with me when her daughter accused me of having hit her. Of course, I had never laid a finger on the child but I had caught her stealing from one of my kids and given her a mouthful…
    I later learned that this was the tactic this kid had used to get several of the domestic workers her mother had hired, fired. We all want to protect our little ones from bullies and to kick the living shit out of anyone who hurts them. And they know it!

    3. When my kids are having a go at each other, it’s often the one who’s making the most “I’m-the-victim-of-foul-play” noises that’s the instigator.

    4. You know that thing where, when someone is doing something they shouldn’t, and how they quickly want to get away from the place they were doing it as soon as they think someone’s spotted them? For example, having seen that when she tells you that L hurts her, you take it very seriously, Nicola may feel uncomfortable at the prospect of being around L when she’s gotten him/her into trouble with her accusations and therefore not want to go to school.

    5. Sometimes, there really *is* an issue and maybe the school staff just aren’t seeing it because bullies – even very little ones – can be very covert. I sincerely hope that this is not the case for Nicola.

    Little people telling stories about someone they’ve taken a dislike to is very common and usually sorts itself out in time and as their social skills develop.

    Good luck – I hope you get to the bottom of it and get it sorted out.

  2. Buy yourself a paintball gun..and shoot at the parent of L “outside of school” ground everyday until they resolve the matter….heeheee…(and it you do not want to be arrested..do not follow my advice..unless you have a damn good camflague…haahaaaa)

  3. Isn’t it just great to have a girl child which is so girly-girly? I love it with regards to my daughter. She always go with me when I get my nails done, she loves to watch herself in the mirror and loves beautiful clothing.
    Would be cool if you can ask for that CCTV footage. It’s so awful when one’s child get bullied. You must follow up whether they have separate the two of them.

  4. Some awesome pouring skills there. And I really must post on our dressing issues!

    Amazing how creative we have to get with them. Can we see this crown?

  5. MeeA, thank for the advice! I’ll do a bit of an update today, you actually hit the nail on the head. 😉

    Melinda, I can be subtle (and well camoflaged). Hehehe…

    blackhuff, mwahaha! My poor girly-girl has the most un-girly-girlish mother to put up with. At first I just gave her a really big selection of colours to choose from, then I gently resisted the call of the pink. None of that seems to have made a difference so my current strategy is to flood the demand and see if we reach a saturation point of some sorts. 😉 I did get to watch the footage…update today.

    Marcia, I look forward to hearing those issues. And I will of course post a picture of the crown! 🙂 How could I not? It’s become such a feature in our house now. Hahahaha!

  6. […] So, you will remember that I told you about the quality time issue we were having that I initially thought was school bully issue? […]

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