Nicola’s Favourite Things

20 August , 2012


DVD: Dora the explorer, Shrek, American Tail
Meal: Almost any pasta, fish fingers, hamburger patties, my mom’s soup
Fruit: Apples
Vegetable: Broccoli (because dinosaurs love it), corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes
Breakfast: Bacon, or cocopops  
Drink: Creme soda, apple juice, rooibos tea
Drinking yogurt flavour: She doesn’t like drinking yogurt but she’ll have pink smooth regular yogurt (because that’s what princesses love)
Sweets: Jelly babies, cupcakes, cadbury’s milk chocolate
Chips/crisps: Big corn bites – tomato, Cheese curls, Niknaks
Toy:  Leappad, doll, doggy soft toy, colouring pencils
Colour: Pink!
Animal: Elephants, dogs, cats 
Sea animal: Nemo
Bird: Pigeons, Owls
Leappad app: Art studio
Book: Bertus die brandweerman, Wikus en Wim in die oerwoud, Die Kinder-Byble
Song: Twinkle twinkle little star, Vader Jakob
Extra mural activity: Swimming will start again in October when it’s nice and warm
Current obsession: A certain pink pajama bottom with frogs on it, dresses, crowns, NOT wearing shoes, Dora the explorer, dragons



  1. Too cute…don’t remember that I have ever seen Nicola in a dress…so pretty

  2. AG cute! Love the dress adn thanks for doing it

  3. It is a very pretty dress. Do you know I don’t own a single dress? I actually saw some nice ones in nycfor about $20 but I had no time to fit because I was rushing to meet heather.

    How’s your arm?

  4. Melinda, she didn’t want to wear them until fairly recently – now she can’t get enough!

    cat, thanks for the idea! 🙂

    Marcia, you don’t? Wow…I didn’t for a long time, but now I have at least 4, and about the same amount of skirts. Still don’t wear them very often though. 😉 My arm is MUCH better thank you.

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