One way to ruin a perfectly good Saturday…

12 August , 2012

I went to a birthday lunch yesterday and some thugs tried to steal my car! Because my gearlock was on it took them longer than expected, and someone spotted them and raised the alarm.

They still made off with my GPS (it was silly of me to have left it in the car I guess) and they broke my steering lock so my poor car had to be towed away.


Thankfully my parents came to pick us up. Thankfully the people who saw them came to warn us so there was still a car to tow. Thankfully my car guy knew someone reliable and available to come tow the car! Thankfully no one got hurt.

Really, there is lots to be thankful for.


Then I got to spend a good quality hour or so with the police “service” who at first looked like they were going to send us back to Kensington to go report it there, then were hesitant to take down the witness details because it was a minor who saw them and he wouldn’t be able to testify (like they actually thought they could catch them!), and then subtly suggested that anyone who has insurance is probably reporting a false crime for the money and that’s why the crime stats were so high.

I felt exhausted and kind of dirty after all that, but I have my case number and to my credit I didn’t LOSE my pip at the police. I restricted myself to subtle barbs of my own (with a lot of smiling).

I didn’t take Nicola along to the SAPS cause I know they freak her out, but I get why she calls them skollies.

Anyhoo, off to do some GPS shopping this morning. Sorry your birthday lunch got ruined Marcia… 😦



  1. Wow. That was close! So glad he managed to warn you. Yo…

  2. 😦 It’s sad that we have to be thankful for things like the car was just broken and not stolen but ja, a lucky escape… and you got the police officer to smile. 🙂

  3. Hey Louisa,

    So sorry about your car. Hope you get everything sorted. I can understand why the pink terrorist doesn’t like the SAPS. I’m still waiting for them to sort out my break in more than 2 years after it happened 😦

    Hope the rest of your weekend went off better

    PS: Was a pleasure to meet you and Princess Nicolalei

  4. I’m sorry that you had to go through this. Last year our car got stolen. I even saw them drove off with it. It was so traumatising and can imagine what you went through.

  5. I am sooooo sorry that you got to experience peasants being peasants and police being well, stupid. I do hope that you will manage to get it all sorted out. I usually get cross at the time that will now be spent sorting it out and the financial inconvenience. Makes my blood boil. But yes, plenty to be thankful for. I am glad that you still have a car and good call on not taking Nicola along to SAPS. It’s not a place that I take my kids to either. Always a lot of drunk, bloodied people walking in and out there. Freaks me out, imagine what it will do to my kids!

  6. good call on leaving the little miss at home. and thank you for the reminders that it could all have been much worse! you’re right!!!! I’m a teensy bit skittish (first time in 7 years) but D and I prayed over the house, property, kids, us, everything moving and in the vicinity last night and I’m much better now 🙂

  7. ps was the gps covered in your insurance?

  8. What a pain! Sorry to hear! Good warning about the GPS, though!

  9. B..stards…hope they are invested with the fleas of a 1000 camels and their arms are too short to scratch

  10. Ag that sucks so bad!

  11. The drama is not over yet – I will post a bit of an update today

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