List update – End of July (and a bit)

8 August , 2012

Also, it’s the end of the list. 😉 201108072686What I have done in August:

1. Start writing poetry again

2. Buy a tumble drier

3. Take Nicola to go visit my grandmother in Thabazimbi

What I have done in September:

4. Grow a veggie garden

What I have done in October:

5. Sort out my bookshelf situation

6. Chuck everything unflattering out of my wardrobe

7. Stop smoking (again)

7. Buy a couch

What I have done in November:

8. Grow a herb garden – 13/11 (Thanks Tamara!)

What I have done in December:

9. Organise a really awesome birthday party for Nicola

10. Make some new MP3 disks for the car

11. Open a savings account for Nicola

What I have done in January

12. Begin…and finish reading at least 12 books – #1 The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD #2 Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson #3 Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Part 6 of 3, And Another Thing…by Eoin Colfer #4 The complete practical encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman #5 House Rules by Jodi Picoult #6 Easyway to stop smoking by Allen Carr #7 The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn #8 The witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho #9 Greywalker by Kat Richardson #10 I want my Life back by Steve Hamilton #11 Spud Learning to Fly by John van de Ruit #12 Worth Dying For by Lee Child

13. Get Nicola’s vaccinations up to date

14. Start teaching Nicola how to swim – we officially started swimming lessons at a school

What I have done in February

15. Have a beach holiday and relax – Done end Feb (as we speak!)

16. Wear a dress now and then (at least on Spring day and Valentines day) – 1/9 Spring day skirt wearing *check* – 25/10 Wore a skirt again (no pics this time sorry) – 11/12 Wore a long-ish skirt to lunch 14/2 – Valentine’s Day – rocked a skirt

17. Update my will

What I have done in March:

Not a bloody thing I can tick off – ongoing things still ongoing at least.

What I have done in April:

18. Go and see at least 2 movies in a cinema – 6/1 – Puss in Boots 5/4 – American Pie Reunion

What I have done in May:

19. Print some photos for our albums – do 20 a month (I did 30 this month)

What I have done in June:

 20. Get Nicola potty trained – I can’t really take the credit for this though, she did it all herself!

What I have done in July:

21. Maintain an actual hairstyle

22. Print some photos for our albums – I could have done more on this, but I did some at least (will carry on with this even after the list)

23. Take or have taken more photos of Nicola and myself together

24. Make homemade gifts for my very special people

25. Random acts of kindness whenever I can

The boats I missed or partially missed:

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom place – I’m actually thinking we need 3 bedrooms
  2. Lose another 5kg (hopefully around my non-existent middle) – No comment face 
  3. Find a job/career I love – Best laid plans and all that 
  4. Have at least 4 weekends away – 3/11 – 6/8 (we do have our next weekend away planned for September)
  5. Keep my car clean (inside and outside) – Hahahaha! Fail
  6. Have a birthday party for myself – I canned this idea, although check under the adventure one for a slight amendment and combo thingy
  7. Go to church more often (this will not be hard to do since we didn’t go when we were sick, and we were mostly sick) – again, looking better than last year but not quite where I imagined it would be when I put it on the list to begin with
  8. At least one grand adventure! – For my birthday I am taking my family on the Gautrain. We’ll go to Hatfield, find a place to eat. If we don’t see something we like we’ll take the train back and have lunch closer to home instead. Can you believe that NONE of us have ever been on the Gautrain? It’s like fate. 😉
  9. Put a serious dent in my debt – 17% down from last year this time and down from 5 creditors to 3.
  10. Stop smoking (again) – *takes a drag and blows a very satisfying fluffy cloud* Nope…not yet

And that…is all she wrote. 😉



  1. Congrats! You have done sooooo well with this. Do another list. Make it shorter and stick to fun stuff!

  2. Julia, thank you. I am not doing a list this year. Not even a short one! 😛

  3. I am so super impressed with you! Seriously!
    And I think you should have had a seperate category for things that couldn’t be done in a single month, like your #3, #4 and #9 on “boats I missed or partially missed”!

  4. Thank you Angel 🙂

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