Reunions really bring out the high school in you…

6 August , 2012

First off, I finally treated myself to a bit of shopping. I bought a new dress and some new boots to go with it. 😀 (Oh yes, note to self…don’t buy new shoes again for an event that happens mostly standing up and trying to look comfortable).  I know you guys hardly ever see me in a dress but it doesn’t have the same shock factor for people who saw me in an UGLY dress daily for years, believe it or not. Anyhoo, I felt great and more than ready to go meet up with my old high school friends and nemises alike.

These first two photos were taking while shoe shopping. I kept Nicola in the trolley so that I wouldn’t have to chase her all over the shop and she managed to reach a sales table with pink stilettos on it from there. Just so you know, these shoes were definitely NOT in the running for me, but she loved them. I never went through a pink phase (doubly confirmed by my mother) but Nicola is solidly in one at the moment. On Saturday she even told me that she would like me to buy her a pink superbike. How does my daughter even know what a superbike is I wonder? We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it eventually. I am thinking a pink tricycle might be in order for her next birthday though. I can always have it repainted if this passes before she outgrows it? 😉 (seriously though, I am okay with the fact that she likes pink – as long as I don’t have to).


Right, back to reunion. It was held at Usambara just like our 10 year reunion (in fact in the very same venue) and it looked amazing. The organiser, Phiasje, together with Phillip from Usambara made sure that everything was organised and perfect for the “kids” to come and have a good time together again.

The group was quite a bit smaller than the 10 year one, but I didn’t mind in the least. Everyone that was there came with loads of enthusiasm and there was none of the snarky attitudes and tedious comparing of the previous event. (a.k.a pissing contest). Actually not one single person asked me what I did for a living all night, which is kind of funny because I was unemployed, overweight (okay…more overweight) and recently divorced at the last one when everyone did. 😆 It didn’t bug me then either.



I had a great time! I met up with some friends which I haven’t seen since high school (younger people might not understand how you can lose track of nearest and dearest but I finished school before facebook or even cellphones, although a few years after Noah let the two-by-two’s graduate from the Ark, AND probably half of the people in my year have left the country at some point in the last 16 years, some are still not back).

Seeing one guy in particular was really the highlight of my evening. We didn’t get to chat that much but I just know I’ll be seeing him again soon and it’s going to be fantastic! 😀  

So in general, I reconnected with some awesome people, chatted to some that I honestly don’t even remember properly from school (there was one guy that everyone kept wondering about…he looked familiar to everyone but no one remembered his name. Hahahaha! turns out that his wife was actually the one in our school and hardly anyone recognised her because she’s about half the size she used to be!), and got to hang out with a few of my besties that I kept in touch with anyway. How is that not a fabulous way to spend a Saturday night? 



What I did find hilarious too was that the more drinks everyone had, the stronger they started resembling their younger selves. I had decided to take it easy on the drinking because I still had to drive home and there are often road blocks on that road (plus of course, you know, it’s the right thing to do and so on) but at some point it looked to me like people were clustered roughly the same way they used to be at break time in school (except the Pretoria people who were all huddled under the gas heater). And then things really started unravelling! 😆

The guys were standing around telling dirty jokes (some quite funny ones truth be told, but I’m not sure if all of their wives had seen this side of them) and sharing anecdotes of crazy adventures, both in school and thereafter. I won’t go into too much detail here but some of the ones I thought stood out the best involved Grandpa headache powders, Pontiacs and old ladies with neck braces, skinny dipping in Wembly in the middle of winter, what happens to Russians on brandewyn, sleeping with a pistol under the pillow and being able to literally take it apart in your sleep, and then some…those were mostly the after school adventures, there was also PLENTY of remember-when-ning going on. 😉

I was at times reminded of things I did, which I had more or less succesfully forgotten. Boy, am I lucky that most people don’t blog! Hahaha! Some of that is definitely going in the file of things not to tell Nicola until she finished school one day. There may or may not be some video evidence out there on a certain Spring Day celebration (circa 1995) that would probably stay best undiscovered too for that matter (get your minds out of the gutter, it’s not THAT kind of video – good cleanish fun…mostly…from what I remember). A few people also commented on how they read my blog daily (well, I don’t write daily – but as close as you can get to that) and how cute Nicola is (if you’re reading this now, don’t be shy, comment so I know who’s out there 😉 ) and yes, you are right. She’s adorable. image





I’m glad I went – it was a blast! I can’t wait for the next one, but there are definitely a few people I would love to see in between now and then again. It’s just amazing to see how much some people have changed, and how much some people haven’t. It kind of makes me wonder what we would have said if we knew way back when that this is what life was going to be like for us, all grown up?

Did you go to your high school reunion? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?



  1. You looked fantastic. Great choice regarding your outfit.
    Glad you enjoyed it so much.
    I did not attend mine. I was not in the mood to meetup with people who was not grown up quite yet.

  2. Love your outfit – I always say it’s hard to go wrong with a black number!
    Sounds like a good time 🙂
    I really wanted to go to my 10-year reunion and was planning to but then got sent on a business trip to London & Paris instead… I reckon I’ll probably make the next one, though…
    OMG. It’s 15 years this year – Eep!

  3. Looks and sounds like you had loads of fun 🙂 I didn’t go to my 10 year one, went to school with snobby people and would definitely not want to be in that situation again. I do keep in contact with old school friends though.

  4. now that is the LAST thing I would ever want to do! I actually didn’t have a bad time in high school, just that before facebook, who was I actually in contact with? It doesn’t help that I left PE the minute I could (17 – went to Rhodes and that was that)

    But onto you….. you looked beautiful! And tell us (me!) more about this boy you’re going to see more of… do I smell romance in the air???

  5. LOL….also want to know more about the one your will be seeing again! Tell us EVERYTHING! You looked beautiful. And no, I will not be attending my reunion. I HATED school!

  6. I really did not enjoy my 10year reunion much- but our 25 year one last year was a blast. Incredible how people just get better with age

  7. blackhuff, thank you. I know a lot of people freak out about reunions but I’ve always enjoyed them.

    MeeA, thanks. Hahaha! I know right? This one marked 16 years for us. Hard to believe that it’s been that long already.

    Natasha, I think every school has at least some of those people around. They didn’t rock up to this event though. 😉

    Marcia & Julia, thank you. Mwahaha! It’s not like that at all. We were really good friends at school (platonic kind). Besides, I don’t think his girlfriend would approve.

    Cat, I agree…people definitely get better with age. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m on the unpopular side of that number now. 😉

  8. I am glad you enjoyed your reunion.
    As I didn’t actually finish high school I don’t get invited to mine… Then again, I have absolutely no contact with anyone from high school except my BBF who lives in Oz, by choice, so attending reunions would not be something high on my priority list.

  9. I didn’t actually finish my matric at this school either, but I was there until std 9 and I wouldn’t bother going to the other one either. I still keep in touch with quite a few of the people. 😉

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