Like a locust!

31 July , 2012


Remember how I told you that Nicola hardly ate anything last week? Well…she’s making up for it now! I was amazed at how much she managed to eat last night, keeping in mind that during the week she usually does her big eat at school. They have porridge for breakfast, a sandwich snack, a cooked lunch, then fruit/cookie in the afternoon. Last night while I was putting together a quick dinner (it was obvious that she was HUNGRY) she ate two slices of cheese and about 10 giant strawberries while drinking a cup of apple juice. Then she had 3 fish fingers and about a cup of carrots, another 4 strawberries and some cheese and a few cherries, after dinner she had two packets of cheese curls and an apple, and then some rooibos tea…and she was still complaining about wanting another apple by the time we started arguing about bed time! (and she insisted on taking an empty lunch box and juice bottle to bed – she actually wanted them filled with cheese curls and creme soda, but no way was she letting them go either way). Usually after a school day I’d be lucky if she has two fish fingers and three bites of veg. Must be a growth spurt? Oh well…*shrug*

This morning I was the bad guy again and she let me have it. She doesn’t want to get up. She doesn’t want to brush her teeth. She doesn’t want to get dressed. She doesn’t want to go to school. She doesn’t want, she doesn’t want, she doesn’t want…you get the general idea. There has to be more to this than just toddlerhood, doesn’t there? So I asked her why she doesn’t want to go to school. She said because L hurts her. I am immediately furious of course. I will speak to the teacher about this again today…

And then my last bleat for today is about the secret place where I work…hehehe. 😉 HR are conducting interviews with my secret department to see why we have such a high staff turnover. That’s okay I guess. But the lady they picked to do these interviews and I do not sit round the same fire at all. I told her what she wanted to know and then I asked her if she wanted more? Without going into too much detail, she got so annoyed with me that she actually changed colour and started bouncing on her chair! I am really looking forward to seeing what she decides to put in that report. (I’ll admit that I had a lot of fun with this, probably more than I should have, but don’t ask if you don’t really want to know).

Okay, maybe one more thing to mention. Remember way back when I told you that Telkom is trying to put the screws on me for an account that isn’t mine? That’s still going on. Only they’ve dropped the amount by half and told me they might write it off or go pester the right person if I give them an affidavit, a certified copy of my ID and proof of residence, plus proof of when I paid up the account, and proof of when the account was transfered. I’m thinking kiss my ass about their wish list, but I still have 20 days to think about it. Why the hell would I tell them where i live now for an account that doesn’t belong to me? I wouldn’t.Or give them a copy of my ID for someone else’s account? I wouldn’t. The affidavit I don’t have a big problem with, and the receipt I have, but the proof of transfer I can’t produce cause they refused to give me a copy of it at the time and then subsequently lost it without processing it. This is the essence of the entire problem, which they would know if they bothered to listen to me or read my mail. Yeah…I’m going to ignore it and let the guy who took the line over know he better pay up or I’ll be coming for his knees. Seems like that might be much more effective.



  1. As usual, Nicola as cute as ever. As for HR departments, I have very little time for them…in the good old days HR was there to keep balance between management and staff..now they are just there as a buffer for CCMA cases. I have personally seen HR departments make up charges to assist in getting rid of staff…Now that I am all worked up because of HR department, you go ahead and tell Telkom to go and F… themselves. Shew, I feel better now…smile

  2. Wow. Melanie lyk so mooi as ‘n blond.

  3. I LOL about the interview you had with that lady. I love that you speak your mind. I love that you say it straight if someone asks. Well, you did the right thing. They want to know the truth, then give it to them.

  4. Oh I love how you have fun with annoying things at work!

    And love how Nicola is eating – she is catching up!

  5. Melinda, hahaha! Amen to all of that. One of the things I mentioned to her was that they’ve succesfully managed to make Humans feel unwelcome at Human Resources…and how does she feel about that? That’s when she started bouncing in her chair. By that time I had already managed to get her bright red. 😀

    Michelle, Melaans lyk altyd pragtig.

    blackhuff, subtle isn’t really one of my qualities. 😉 At one of the previous places I worked they initiated this anonymous blowing off steam letterbox and i gave something I wrote to my mom to read before I posted it. She laughed and told me I might as well put it on a notice board with my name on it because no one else would say what I said. So I did.

    Cat, I must say I also prefer it when she’s eating to when she refuses but I was quite frankly in awe of the amount of food she wanted last night. Watch now, tonight she’ll only want tea. 😉

  6. I’m like you too. If you ask me, be prepared for 100% honesty peppered with some love.

    The eating is great!

  7. Marcia, I could probably pepper with a bit more love. 😉

  8. Some would day it’s disrespectful, in my opinion you could not have said it better.

  9. Mekyla, thank you. 🙂

  10. Glad she’s properly better and eating! Probably a growth spurt but then I think she would be sleeping a lot more too? Our HR dept sucks! They are way too afraid to have interviews like that with us.

  11. Julia, I saw the report that they came up with today. It’s a work of “art”. They missed all the important bits and twisted whatever they took from the interviews anyway. What a waste of time.

  12. Ugh, Telkom!

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