30 July , 2012



Firstly, let me apologise for the old photos (again). These are from May! My brother asked me to get a move on and catch up already, he wants to see current photos with the posts he’s reading about. So you guys should start mentally preparing for a flurry of photo posts so that I can get there!

Nicola and I are both feeling a lot better. She’s still not completely herself yet, so I get a lot of sulking and performing when she has to get up after sleeping or a nap. She eats whatever she feels like or not at all, and since last week Tuesday when I asked my mom to stay home with her because I don’t really have any leave left I am persona non grata with the pink terrorist – yesterday she went as far as to tell me I am NOT her friend (this was because I said it was time to go to bed now). It stings, I’ll be honest, but we’ll get through it. I suspect her mood will drastically improve with the weather and the re-establishment of our normal routine. In the meantime I will be focusing on not reacting when my buttons are pushed.

We are well and truly also in the “Why?” phase now. She questions and argues everything. E-very-thing! *sigh* 😆 Like on Saturday after we returned from a lovely visit with Tamara and her husband, Nicola asked me what was in the bag. I told her that it was an early birthday gift for me from Tannie Tamara. “Hoekom?” I told her it’s because Tamara is my friend. “Hoekom?” Tamara, I am a bit stumped…you’ll have to answer that one. Anyway, she then changed tactics and launched into arguing with me about it because apparently Tannie Tamara is NOT my friend, she is Nicola’s friend (and by default it would then be her gift too, even though it’s my brithday?).

And there you have it… 😉

Yesterday we went grocery shopping, and it was one of those months. I don’t know if you guys have them too, but some months it feels like just about everything is finished and needs replacing and other months it just doesn’t. We are having a not so heavy grocery bill month, in fact we came in about R600 cheaper than I had on the budget.

So I thought maybe it was time to go and get myself something new and pretty to wear to my school reunion? I didn’t feel like storming out of the dressing room with my pants round my ankles chasing Nicola, so I kept her in the trolley and did some artistic draping of the curtain to keep myself more or less under cover. Even so, it was a challenge because Nicola kept trying to open the curtain or put the stuff I hadn’t fitted yet in the cart. I didn’t find anything I liked so I gave up and bought her a new summer’s dress and some shoes instead. Maybe I’ll make a plan one day during the week at lunch or something. Or just go in something I own already – I could do that too.

Anyhoo, Nicola LOVED the dress. My mom also bought her a new dress last week, which she insisted on wearing all day yesterday. So strange, I don’t ever recall going through a serious dress phase but she is a proper little girl (she even loves pink!). She was twirling and dancing  and generally just enjoying the hell out of wearing a dress. It was a bit too cool for it really so eventually I managed to fit a tracksuit top over it, but she was definitely NOT letting me take it off! 😆 It is only with some careful negotiations that I managed to convince her not to sleep in it last night too.

And then lastly, I think we might soon see a new favourite name for anything cute. At the moment everything but everything is called Marble if you ask Nicola, but yesterday we saw a cat at my folks’ place which resembles Tigger a lot but who isn’t Tigger. He sneaks into the house at every opportunity, because I think he has realised that he gets mistaken for the actual cat of the house. He marks “his” territory against golf bags and what-not – so not that popular with most of the people of the house. I called him the imposter cat, and Nicola now thinks that his name is in fact Imposter. While my dad was chasing him around trying to throw a glass of water at him, Nicola and I went to the food bowl to see if there was enough cat food for Tigger and Imposter (I don’t really want her to see my dad throwing water at the cat even if he isn’t welcome). It was too funny walking back hearing her call “Imposter! Imposter! Where are you?” Hahaha…I think the name will probably stick. 😉

Remember I told you about the bully in Nicola’s class? She now goes round telling people, “Ons speel nie met boelies nie!” whenever she feels a little bit threatened. I think it’s adorable. Seems to work too, but I’m still looking into Kung Fu classes.



  1. The “hoekom” stage is cute at times but also so frustrating as well.

    • Yip…it’s a bit of both at the moment. 😉

  2. i Love the Imposter…..

  3. AI yes, and if she is anything like the Princess the “hoekoms” continues – answering them gets more difficult too as some I jus treally do not know.

  4. All degrees of cuteness!!! I love the why stage? My sister used to do it and it drove me nuts but I still liked it (at least I was always able to answer the questions)

    And hope Nicola got a very big thank you for helping in the kitchen.

    Guess she’s right she also needs a gift even if it’s your birthday 😉

  5. hello! just popping in.

    I’m with your brother – just declare “photo bankruptcy” and start posting current with your word posts and use wordless wed to once a week post the week’s pics

  6. Cat, I’ve hit one or two where I don’t know and admit it. Next question, “hoekom nie?” 😆

    Mrs FF, she got a big thanks yip. Hahaha! She INSISTED on helping so we found her a knife that’s about as blunt as a teaspoon so that she could. It was very cute to watch because she took it so seriously.

    Marcia, I’m upping my photos per post ratio and I’ll do the big dumps on Wordless Wednesday. Hopefully that will catch me up in less time.

  7. Sjoe. That WHY phase is something else. And it doesn’t go away as they get older. My nearly 12-year old STILL asks why. Sometimes I have to really think about the answers. Luckily google is there for some of it.

  8. Julia, 😆 thank goodness for google huh? I don’t mind her asking…but when she does four whys in a row I start to suspect that she’s not listening anyway. 😉

  9. LOL! “Impostor” eh?! 😀

  10. I think it’s a pretty good name actually 😉

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