Back in the saddle (sort of)

24 July , 2012




Today is my first day back at the office in like forever! I’m glad to see I still have a job (it’s going to come in mighty handy with all the medical bills too I’m sure). Nicola is not at school today though, she’s having a picnic with my mom at their place.

Good grief i was worried sick about her yesterday. She just refused to get up. She refused to eat or drink or even go to the loo. The first time I managed to rouse her was at 15:00, and if you keep in mind that she went to bed at 19:00 the previous night then she slept almost a full day! I decided to sleep over at my folks last night in case we ended up doing a middle of the night hospital run, but luckily her fever broke and she seems to be over the worst of it now whatever it was. Whatever hair I have left is going grey…*sigh* 😉

I am conquering my inbox right now and trying to reschedule whatever meetings I missed over the last week, but other than that nothing too exciting here at the salt mines. The ship did lose another rat (exacutive resigning), oooh and I got to work really early this morning since I didn’t have to drop off Nicola…and then got stuck in a lift for half an hour for my troubles. I got stuck in there with five other people, one of them Steamcleaner. Thank goodness our lifts are transparent glass boxes so the claustrophobia didn’t kick in too bad. When the doors eventually opened I took the stairs up the rest of the way nonetheless.

The other thing I’m really psyched about is that Linkin Park is coming to SA! I cannot wait. I don’t have a ticket yet, but I fully in tend to have one as soon as they become available. This will be my first concert post Nicola. I actually don’t think there is another band that I would have broken the dry spell for. I’m not too mad about their newer stuff but if they happen to play Faint I will probably wet my pants! (one of my favourite songs of all time) Either way, it’s bound to be a great show. 😀



  1. Those night time fevers are just the pits…glad it broke. Glad you are better and back at work. As for the stuck in the lift thing, I would have been happier if the lift was not glass…I am petrified of heights

  2. Oh! There music is soooo great.
    Glad you’re back at work. Hope it’s not too hectic.

  3. Melinda, we’ve been to every ER in the are at one point or another. Nicola doesn’t get 38’C fevers, she shoots up to 42’C within minutes, and if I can’t get it to come down then off to ER we go. The best one around at the moment is Wilgeheuwel (from personal experience). Shame man, about the fear of heights. How bad is it? How high do you have to go to have a wobbly? Heights don’t freak me out at all luckily, and we only got stuck between the ground and first floor (I was headed up to the 4th, so a lot of stairs after that).

    blackhuff, I am so excited about them coming here. I’ve been itching to see them for years! Work’s okay, I have a fair bit of catching up to do, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.

  4. More cake batter going in Nicola’s mouth than the cake tin, that’s my kind of girl. 🙂 😉

    Glad to hear you are much better. Hope Nicola is also better quick!!!

  5. Hahaha, then she is definitely your kind of girl. She only eats the batter, doesn’t even touch the cake!

  6. Oh I would have gone mad in that lift! I have a tad of calustrophobia and no, the glass would not help.

    Really glad you are both better.

  7. Great Bambi apron. Great the little one is better. njoy your first day back

  8. Cat, thanks – me too. I cannot wait for some warmer weather. This being sick all the time blows. Really, being able to see outside of the box wouldn’t have helped for you? I had a magnificent view of peak hour traffic from where I was trapped. Steamcleaner reckons it happened because I was early for work 😆 probably shouldn’t do that again then? 😉

    Karen, thank you. So far it hasn’t been too bad (yet). I’ve managed to conquer my inbox to a certain extent already, so looking good!

  9. Shame man, you’ve been having a crappy time lately. Glad you are better and that Nicola’s fever broke. Can you believe that I have never been stuck in a lift? Not that I wish for it or anything. My DH got stuck once. He is claustrophobic and just smoked the whole time. The fire alarms were going off. He just didn’t care.
    And I am very strongly considering giving Gaga a miss in order to see Linkin Park. I still haven’t gotten around to buying a ticket. Oh, and do buy your ticket at Checkers or Shoprite. Don’t even bother with the Computicket website. It will probably crash on the day because they are just losers like that.

  10. This was my first time stuck in a lift. It’s not a lot of fun but I’m glad it happened in a see through one when it did. I’m planning on going with my brother and his girlfriend so he’s buying the tickets as soon as they become available tomorrow. I cannot wait! 😀

  11. Poor Nicola… When my knucklehead was really sick he slept.

  12. My brother used to be exactly the same.

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