Well hallo Monday…

23 July , 2012



I’m sure that when I eventually show my mug at the office again I’ll probably have to introduce myself to some people I’ve been off that long. That won’t be today though…just as I get over that flu thing Nicola comes down with it properly. *sigh*

My daughter, usually up by 06:00 latest is still asleep and it’s 09:30 already! Also she refuses to eat or drink anything so I see a lot of tea with syringe happening today.

Hope your week’s off to a better start than mine. 😉



  1. love the pics…is that a Chow?

  2. Yes it is! 🙂 My folks have a husky (Diablo) and a chow (Nala).

  3. Oh man, hope you both get better soon!

  4. I love Chows…my next door neighbour (well three doors down) had a Chow named Nala…I was fascinated with her…and went to get my own one….his name Butch..and he is my baby

  5. They’re really great dogs. Nala is so protective of the family, it’s really cool to see. If there are any people around that she doesn’t know she always makes sure that she’s between us and them – even when we don’t look like we’re being threatened. Shame, the only thing is that she has terrible problems with her hips. She runs like she thinks she’s a husky, and she’s obviously not, so her one leg keeps dislocating. We’ve taken her for an op and everything but it hasn’t helped at all. I don’t think she’ll get very old.

  6. Thanks Marcia.

  7. Shamepies…

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