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20 July , 2012

I had my test this morning and the gene is not from me.



  1. OK. Sjoe. Hope you get to the bottom of all of this soon. Much love.xx

    • Well, she could only have gotten it from me or TGC (bio-dad). So I’ve sent him an email in case he wants to have his son tested too.

  2. Well, at least you know now

  3. Oh gosh well, you did the right thing to tell him. All the best

  4. Sjoe…that is a bitter sweet relief. I am glad Nicola did not get it from you…

  5. Jeanette, yip. And I can make her aware of it too when she grows up.

    Cat, thank you. I did it more for his son than for him. I hope he passes the information along at least. (The son lives with his mother – big surprise). 😉

    Melinda, me too…more because I’m glad my brother won’t have to worry about this later on if he decides to have children too.

  6. So does her biodad have any Mediterranean blood…?

  7. Not as far as I know…but i guess so?

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