Bloodtests – Round 2

18 July , 2012

I know I said I was only going to tell you when we’re healthy…but I like talking. What can you do? *shrug*

I’ve been booked off for the rest of the week and I went to get my meds yesterday. Too weird! They wouldn’t give it to me. Well at least the cough syrup bit I had to swop for something else because Nitepax, the one the doctor prescribed, will apparently make me sterile, forever. Imagine that! (I distintly remember having it before I had Nicola so I guess she’s even more of a McGuyver than we knew).

Anyhoo, the alternative one I got is useless. I had no sleep whatsoever because I was hacking up a lung. That plus the cortizone which I’m supposed to take 4 tabs in the morning but only had in the afternoon when I got them. Thank God for sugar and caffeine and adrenaline – the tripod keeping me upright at the moment. 😉

My plan was to take Nicola to school till after lunch and then go to the hospital for the bloodtest, that way I could have a nap. No such luck though because she woke up with a fever too. So much for plans and naps…

The drawing of the blood was as traumatic as expected even though I tried prepping her for it all week. This morning when we got in the xar and I reminded her where we were going she said, “Mamma…kom ons gaan eerder winkel toe asseblief.” My poor baby. Wish I could.

When the needle work was done and the tears were coming hot and heavy I gave her the Mr. Rabbit toy that I brought from home (she likes wiping tears with his ears) and a new DVD that I was saving for a little pick me up. She had also brought a little puppy plushy for support and eventually she calmed down a bit.

On our way to the car she was complaining again about the Tannie stealing her blood. I told her that the nurse needs to look at the blood to see if there were any goggas in it. This really got het attention. She pulled up her sleeve for a good look and said she couldn’t see any. I told her the nurse has very special glasses to see them if there are any. She said I must buy glasses like that so that I could see them myself. I laughed and said they’re too expensive and we wouldn’t have money to buy things we liked, like cookies.

This is how we ended up stopping at the shop to buy Waffie (the doggie) his own pack of Jolly Jammers. 😉

What a little champ she was today. I’m so proud of her. Now we wait…



  1. Best of luck- on the tests and getting better

  2. Hope you’re all better soon!

    • Thanks, me too!

  3. Sounds like you’ve had hell!! Hope the tests are ok, and you feel better soon

    • Thanks Jeanette, it’s been quite a ride…

  4. Ek’s so jammer om te lees dat die bloed trek ervaring, glad nie so lekker was vir haar of jou nie 😦

    • Dankie…maar dit was eintlik beter as die eerste lot gewees. 😉

  5. There is a special place in heaven for kids who have to go through this. Drawing blood from a kid is never pleasant. She’s such a champ.

    • I see now that I could have prepped her better for the first round, but sometimes the element of surprise is better when it comes to needles? 😉

  6. She’s such a brave little girl

  7. Ruby, she’s the bravest! 😀 I am sooo proud of her.

  8. Ha! So the goggas in the blood might work in future!? 🙂

  9. I think so – but I’m hoping I don’t have to find out soon.

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