This is not my winter

17 July , 2012

We had a good weekend, unfortunately I picked up a cold or a flu again and I’m barking worse than a kennel full of dogs again. I think instead of telling you when either Nicola or I get sick I should probably start highlighting the days that we’re both healthy? 😉

I’ll post a pic later of my fingers that I took yesterday. BLUE cause I was freezing. I was also sporting a 40’C fever at the same time, which seems at first glance to be mutually exclusive. I have an appointment at the doctor for 11:00. Until then I am living on Halls Orange (love that stuff), besides being great for my throat it also nicely compliments the intense lemon frangrance of our cottage. Nicola started going to the toilet completely alone last night (I didn’t feel like getting up anymore and she was on a roll of about 6 wees in half an hour already). Automatically she reasoned that this milestone meant that other things she wasn’t doing before was also cool and she accidentally smashed a bottle of lemon verbena essential oil in the bathroom in the process. So much for not getting up again huh? 😉

The only problem I have with this independant streak she has going at the moment is that she can open her own cupboard now, and she also knows how I sort the laundry. So after every solo trip to the loo she puts on new undies and a new pair of pants. She puts the older ones in the laundry (roughly 10 minutes older for some perspective here), rinse and repeat. So in total from 19:00 to 20:30 last night Nicola added about 8 sets of pants and panties to my never ending pile of laundry. I’m going to let it slide for now since putting her own laundry in the basket is a trait I want to encourage later on.

Right. Before I head back off to lala-land I’ll just share a few of Nicola’s newest sayings:

  • The other day my mom was telling her “No” to some or another crazy request and Nicola pipes up, “Ouma, calm down.” with appropraite hand actions. Hahaha! I know where she gets that one. 😉
  • We were visiting with my folks and Nicola and I were singing a few of our favourite songs. She wanted to sing “Dis heerlike lente” which we did and at the end my dad also joined in. He started again after we were done and she turns to him and says, “Oupa, shush! Ek het die liedjie afgesit nou!”
  • On Saturday morning I was bustelling around trying to get everything ready by the time Nicola woke up. She asked me to come sit with her. I said I needed to get everything ready. “maar Mamma, ek wil vir jou ‘n soen gee.” So sweet so I sat down and puckered up. She said, “Nee, nie vir my nie, net vir jou.” while taking my head between her little hands and plonking a big wet one right on my forehead. 😀


These photos were from yonks ago when we did a Papachino’s breakfast with my old pal from boarding school and her two little people.



  1. Sorry you are not feeling well. Be careful of your ears getting infected. I have just had another bout of flu again, this time accompanied by very sore throat and earache.
    Your Nicola is just tooo cute…Now get into bed and stay warm

    • Yes mam! I can’t get ear infections anymore. My ear drums are perforated from previous ones so it doesn’t build up that painful pressure anymore. (I can also lip read) 😉

  2. Ai I do hope you are better soon. And boy, she is cute

    • Thanks Cat! 🙂

  3. She is too cute! I LOVE it. Joel gets cross when I ask him if he wants to make a wee. I’m not allowed to take him either – he goes by himself and calls me if he needs help. I still ask him every half hour or so though. Can’t help myself.
    I hope you get better ASAP. Being sick sucks!

  4. oh no! I’m so sorry it must be from our party and the extreme cold, so double sorry!

    also those blue nails look very familiar – if I didn’t wear nail polish mine would look like that too.

    • Don’t worry Marcia, I think we actually picked this one up from my dad.

  5. Love the little snippet about the kiss. they can be so precious:)

  6. Ruby, I am soaking up all the kisses and cuddles I can while they last. Before you know it we’ll be at the door slamming stage and I think this stage is a lot more fun than that will be. 😉

  7. Ag she is just the sweetest little thing!

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