Results are in

10 July , 2012

I don’t know what they all mean but the 20th is off and we’re being sent to another specialist.

Something along the lines of slightly aneamic, small red blood cells and not enough white blood cells.

I’ll keep you posted when I figure out what that actually means…



  1. well, good for you for insisting!

  2. *hug*

  3. Huge hugg.

  4. So glad that you insisted on doing the tests, research and more research is your best option, but don’t believe absolutely everything dr Google says, sometimes there is just stuff to scare you.

    Sending you big hugs xx

  5. Dit is darem nie se erg nie. Wat dit basicly beteken is dat haar yster in die bloed is baie laag en dat sy bloed armoede het. Ek het dieselfde. Wat jy kan doen is om haar baie rosyntjies en marmite broodtjies te laat begin eet. Indien dit nie behandel word voor die operasie nie kan sy vinniger infeksies optel en dit sal baie langer vat om gesond te raak.

    Dit is goed dat julle dit nou ontdek het.

  6. Michelle is giving you the right information. This does not mean that anything serious is wrong. I, myself have Anemia and the specialist have prescribed some Iron tablets (not the ones you get over the counter) to help with it. I feel much better now that I am taking it. Keep us updated.

  7. Thanks for all the support guys, I have another update. (and more blood tests coming up)

  8. Oy…

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