Here we go…

10 July , 2012

First, some photo catch-up of course. These are just all filled with cute. šŸ˜‰


Right. Where to start?

As you may recall, last week we had the blocked tear duct and tonsil situation going on, both cleared up for now thank goodness. Over the weekend Nicola had another outbreak of spots for a few days. It could be anything I guess, german measles (again), or something. She didn’t seem overly fussy about it so I just let it run its course and it was gone by Monday. Poor K was with us when I discovered the spots and subsequently had to dodge a kiddies party to be on the safe side (sorry again about that).

On Sunday Nicola had me in stiches with something she said. I posted it on facebook already but I’ll tell you here too in case you missed it. She was moaning at me to take her shoes off because they’re dirty (she does that a lot, and usually she’s not wrong because when she comes home from school and I tip those babies out it looks like someone tried to plough a field with them!). I was a bit surprised because I washed them the day before and we hadn’t even been outside with them yet when she told me this. When I explained it to her she said they were dirty because they were full of feet! šŸ˜†

Anyhoo, Monday we went to go and see the ENT. What a booming business that must be! We saw him for all of 15 minutes and it only cost us R690! He said that her tonsils look fine at the moment but that the general guideline is more than 3 infections a year and it’s probably time for them to come out. We’ve had way more than that, so I guess that it will probably be the best thing for Nicola’s health overall to have the operation.

I mentioned to him that I wanted a blood count test first and he gave me lip about it. Then he offered to do it when she was already knocked out for the operation, which of course will be too late to do anything about it then so I think he was just being full of shit about it. It takes 24 hours to get the results, and the operation taken 10 to 20 minutes. How is that going to help anyone?! I repeated to him what my mother told me, that my brother’s operation had to be delayed with 6 months so that he could get treatment for his bloodcount first because it was that severe and he reluctantly agreed to do it (it wasn’t really up to him, but we didn’t get to that part of the discussion thankfully cause otherwise I would have to find a different ENT).

The blood test was traumatic. In case you were wondering, it takes three people to draw a small vial of blood from Nicola and she was NOT a happy camper. Also she didn’t give a flying fig about the teddy bear sticker or the certificate of bravery they presented to her. In fact, last night she said to me that the lady STOLE her blood and she wants me to go there and get it back! šŸ˜† Shame, poor baby…I tried to explain that they need to test the blood to see if she’s sick but she remains adamant that the blood has been stolen. I am very grateful that my pink terrorist has never had any long term disease which required regular blood tests and drips and such and my heart goes out to anyone who has to go through that on a regular base. When we got home I was in tears (post traumatic thing cause at the lab I was okay). Nicola brought out a dish rag to wipe my face, and asked me if I needed a towel! Hahaha, there weren’t that many – it just wasn’t fun to see her that upset. I am really not looking forward to the actual operation and the recovery after.

So…now we wait. First things first, I should get the blood test results today. Once I have that I can get the admission pre-authorised and if all goes well then we will be saying goodbye to those tonsils next week Friday on the 20th (it would have been this week, but the doctor has a conference on – I don’t mind waiting. It’s not that I’m superstitious or anything, because I really am not, but I’m freaking out about this whole thing enough and I’d rather not have it on Friday the 13th on top of all that too).Ā  Oh yes, and after the operation Nicola can’t go to school for a week – to avoid picking up any infections there that could cause complications.

Just as I thought I might make it through a winter with some annual leave left over – ha! šŸ˜‰



  1. Good luck – I know you will both be fine. She is such a little character.

  2. I tell my hubby numerous times: We all are in the wrong business to make money. Any doctor practice can prove that.
    I hope the blood test come back with results you want. Hugs

  3. Oh my!

    Sounds like when my little prem babies had to see an opthalmologist about 4 times each in 2009. Each one was R450 and it was 10 minutes. So I’d sit there before our appt and count… R450, R900, … THOUSANDS before he even saw us!

    Did you take all your family responsibility leave already?

    (selfishly, I’m glad you’re only having it then so you can come to us)

  4. Cat, I hope so…and yes she is! šŸ˜€

    blackhuff, hahaha – amen to that! I’ve spent about R2000 on medical expenses this week already.

    Marcia, I’ve taken all my family responsibility leave and most of my annual already yip. I understand doctors need to make a living and that’s why they claim they don’t charge medical aid tarrifs, but one of the bills has a R90 charge on for looking in my daughter’s ears (it has a fancier name than that of course – but that’s what it is).

  5. Holy crap! R690!??!

  6. I know right?! F-ing hell! R90 for looking into someone’s ear…unbelievable.

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