Friday quickie

6 July , 2012

But first, photo catch-up:

  1. Nicola’s sandpit turned ballpit, still a big favourite
  2. Outside admiring the view
  3. Chilling with Ouma and her baby doll (who she calls Nica)


I’ve been in training again all morning. I’m really enjoying it and although none of the things I’m learning are earth shatteringly new, it has been put together quite nicely and coherently. The bit I’m really enjoying is all the interactive talking and bantering which comes with it. I don’t suppose it has to be top secret what kind of course it is so I’ll tell you: it’s a 8 week course on Change Management. Regardless of what you do at your own secret place of employment, this is something that you really should pay attention to. (Nuff said, and more than I usually clue in about work in general) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last night we popped in at my folks because we missed our Wednesday visit when Nicola was sick. We had a lovely dinner and also got to spend some time with my brother at the same time which is always great. At some point I ended up in front of the TV with my mom and Nicola while my dad and gran were still round the kitchen counter with my brother and I got to witness the cutest exchange between Nicola and the cat, Tigger.

Tigger (aka Tiggy-wicks) is not a fan of winter. As she gets older she becomes less and less so. At the moment her strategy for dealing with cold weather is to slink around screaming at everyone that she thinks might be able to switch on a heater or provide her a warm lap to sit on. Tigger is also is not the biggest fan of Nicola, came screeching round to where we were sitting to complain about the weather. The following monolgue took place from Nicola (Tigger did meouw a couple of times for input):

“Stop dit Tigger! Uit” (this she gets from my dad – the other day I joked and said that the poor cat must now think that her name is f-off Tigger by this time). “Kom sit hier by my”. “Moenie huil nie…jou mammma kom nou okay?”. “Wat’s fout? Het Jy gepoef?”. “Laat ek sien…” (lifts up her tail) “Toemaar toemaar, alles gaan okay wees” (strokes her a bit). “Tiggy-wicks! Kyk jou skerp voete!” When Tigger started purring Nicola said that she’s acting like Marble now.

Meanwhile my mom and I are in stitches watching this all play out, but trying our best to keep straight faces. It was so cute to watch.

Anyhoo, onto the weekend. We’ve got laundry to catch up on (surprise, surprise) and we are also having our hair cut tomorrow. And on Sunday we’re meeting Melinda and Jadakins for a picnic which I’m really looking forward to. Hope you all have a good and restful weekend ahead.



  1. Ag moeder ma! So me and the Princess ara slo booked at the hairdresser tomorrow

  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend! I am glad your little sweetheart is better.

  3. Cat, ๐Ÿ˜† she was not impressed with the hair dresser at all! Either I have to take her more often so she can get used to him or leave it altogether…it was dowright traumatic for everyone there.

    Angel, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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