All is not well

5 July , 2012

Remember I told you that Nicola started having a gummy eye on Saturday? Well, on Tuesday the school phoned me to say that I better come quick as she looked very miserable and she had a fever too. (Nicola doesn’t do slight fevers so she was coasting on 39’C already by the time they called).

The eye was really not looking good and obviously bugged the hell out of her cause she rubbed it raw. It actually looked like someone had punched her! (which they didn’t)


The doctor said that she has a blocked tear duct and tonsilitus (again). We’re seeing the ENT on Monday…but most likely they will want to remove the tonsils now. The rule of thumb is apparently 4 or more infections in a 12 month period and she’s had it a lot more than that already…I stopped counting at about 8.

I am sooo not ready for her to have an operation. So in response to this my body has decided that we don’t sleep anymore and I’ve started shedding hair again. (Oh and my mother mentioned that I should probably let them do a blood count test before because my brother suffers from a low count and if they operate without treating that first you could very easily slip into a coma! Definitely going to have that checked just in case).


She was already looking a lot better by yesterday morning but I kept her home for the day anyway.

Let me share another thing with you about “service” providers. Doctor = great. Pharmacy = Not great. Medical Aid = Not great (big surprise, I know).

Firstly the pharmacist at Dischem tried to upsell me when I went to get the meds. All that was prescribed was antibiotics and eye drops because I already have pain meds for her at home. She starts adding a whole bunch of other things and then tells me that my medical aid doesn’t pay for it. Ha! Where does she get off just putting it on without asking anyway?! We left with what we came for.

Then this morning I phoned the medical aid to tell them what’s going on and to enquire what kinds of hoops I can anticipate jumping through to get my daughter well again. Follow this process if you can. Having a referral letter from the doctor is not enough. THE DOCTOR must also phone some or another “help”line that they have and get a referral number for me to see the ENT and be covered. I cannot phone, it has to be the doctor. Even though I already have the letter that I need to get an appointment there. Un-f-ing-believable, but anyway. I got that done. Then if the ENT decides that the tonsils have to come out I have to get a pre-authorisation number to get her booked into hospital. I’m not surprised about that bit, it’s pretty much standard I think.

So who has had their babies’ tonsils removed? Can you clue me in what I’m in for? Stuff to do before? Stuff to do or not do after? How long are they miserable once it’s done? Don’t tell me any horror stories…google and I have that covered already.

Oh did I mention that my tonsils were taken out when I was 2,5 too. Only the doctor left a bit behind so even though I don’t have tonsils I can still get tonsilitus. Quite a trick, I know. 😉



  1. I’m sorry to see that your little girl is sick. She does look better in that second photo. “holding thumbs”
    My son had his tonsils removed. I did nothing before hand. We went to get it removed and afterwards we let him eat his jelly at hospital and the doctor said toast afterwards to get the crust scrapes off and the “keel” heals up more quickly.
    Nothing to be afraid off. The day after the operation, they are all up and well again 🙂

  2. Glad that she is a bit better! When my first daughter had hers taken out (17 years bac), she got to eat a lot of potato crisps and chappies, which she thoroughly enjoyed (That’s what the doctor prescribed. I don’t know if it is still the same?)

    Medical Aids are a headache. Good luck there!

  3. No idea on the tonsils. I still have mine (very proud of that for some weird reason????).

    But i hope you stop fighting with these service providers soon – I’m CONVINCED the health profession tries to make us all MORE unwell through their procedures!

  4. My knucklehead and I still have our tonsils. From what I have heard, recovery is fairly quick for children.

  5. Ek sal by my suster “Die Mangelvanger” storie boek leen en dan vir jou scan dan kan jy dit vir haar lees die aand voor die tyd. Dit is nogal oulik en verduidelik dit baie mooi vir kleintjies. Jy kan haar ook baie chips en biltong laar eet. Hoe growwer die goed is hoe beter.

  6. So here’s my bit – L was tiny when we first had huge tonsils drama -the ENT decided tha the was too small to remove his tonsils so he gave him grommets and took his adenoids out – but much lower risk. It bought us more than 2 years with no tonsil trouble. Then it started again and last year at 4 we had them out – really went easy, he had a bit of fever on day 4 or so (but they warn you about it) – if you want to read here:

  7. Oh no! Poor baby. Poor you! Child2 still has his tonsils but we did go for grommets and adenoid removal. As far as I know recovery is easy-ish for a tonsillectomy. They must eat crunchy foods to remove the scab or something like that and after day 3 or so they usually take a dip before cruising to the home stretch recovery. You do get great pain meds though so do whatever you need to do to make her as comfy as possible. Also, the hospitals are very child-friendly. They allowed me to hold him while he was being put under (it makes it less scary for them) and they called me before they woke him in recovery. INSIST that they do this, the anaesthetic makes some kids go NUTS.
    Go and see a good ENT who does a lot of work on kids as they know exactly how to make the kids feel comfortable about what’s happening. Get a recommendation from Twitter or FB. They are usually AWESOME.
    Good luck. And I hope that you don’t have too many battles with the medical aid AKA the bunch of thieves.

  8. Oh no! I am sorry to hear that N is not feeling well. I am sending you a big hug because I now how this is going to affect you. Don’t worry all will be fine. I remember when I had my tonsils removed I was amazed that I could “speak” in my head. Plus all the jelly and custard I could eat, I was a 4 year old in heaven.

  9. Thanks for all the information and support guys, I really appreciate it xxx 🙂

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