Weekend highlights

2 July , 2012

But first the photo cath-up:

  1. My gran showing Nicola how to take photos on her phone
  2. Reading with my dad
  3. Robbie our landlord put out this chair he was busy repairing and Nicola couldn’t resist getting on it every time we saw it (even though I asked her very nicely not to do it of course) 😉


I lost my cool a bit at Nicola’s school on Friday. Her teacher was off sick for the day and when I arrived to pick her up someone not in the know had put a nappy on her. The whole situation was clearly confusing for her since I found her sitting on the loo with the nappy on, desperately trying to get it off. Not impressed. Not even a little bit. The other teacher could clearly see that I was having a moment because she quickly assured me that she wasn’t the one who had done it and she would find the culprit and let them have it…this all without me saying a word, but I was wearing the face.

After that we went to my parents for dinner and a sort of farewell for my gran. The plan was that she wanted to go spend some time at her house in Thaba, but after she sold her car on Wednesday she decided against it and she was back on Saturday again. It’s a bit isolated to be without any transport out there, so it’s really for the best I think.

Saturday morning I was up early again and getting my Cinderella on. Only about a million loads of laundry and I didn’t even get to the curtains yet! Nicola’s one eye was gumming up and she wasn’t feeling on top of the world which generally makes her a bit clingy, but she “helped” me with whatever I was busy with all the way.

All I can say is thank goodness our cottage is so small. I started on the bathroom and gave it a proper scrub-down. I found two enormous spiders in the process and besides the appropriate screech response I despatched them with an empty shampoo bottle and not too much fuss. The loose carpet we have in there even got a wash (my machine refused to spin it and started speaking in tongues to  me about the whole thing…seriously, it brought up error messages I didn’t even know it was capable of!). It’s not dry yet, still chilling out on the driveway but I’m hoping it will be fit to move back inside again tonight.

Phillygirl popped in for a visit too and brought lovely croissants and cupcakes. On top of it being really nice to catch up with her, I also appreciated a break (my back is definitely not cut out for all this domestic goddess-ness). Nicola took a bit of time to warm up to the idea of visitors though and was trying her level best to make sure I don’t talk to anyone else but her. My daughter is a bit possessive when it comes to me. I had a great time though. If you ever wonder what bloggers talk about when they get together, obviously all the stuff we don’t write about 😉 Thanks Philly, I needed that!

After Nicola’s afternoon nap (which turned into an early evening nap since she only woke up just before 18:00 again), we went to my parents for dinner. My mom has bought Nicola some more DVDs, namely Mary Poppins, a whole season of Liewe Heksie and another Barbie one. We started off with Mary Poppins, which by the looks of it the pink terrorist quite enjoyed. She was marching, dancing and singing along quite merrily. Then we watched the first disc of Liewe Heksie. Seriously, I watched this as a child and I can’t remember them being so mean to her when I watched it. The poor little witch spends most of every episode under her hat crying because the gnomes keep calling her dumb (which she is), but there’s a nice way to do it? Nicola LOVES it. Some things are just timeless I guess?

Sunday morning I dropped Nicola off with my folks for cookie baking while I went to the Hyperama for our monthly big shop. Good grief! Let me just say that shopping over weekends after month end is not for the meek. Everybody is walking around like a bunch of jack-asses with that glazed where-did-they-pack-the-thing-I-want look on their faces. Of course the busiest Sunday of the month is also an excellent time for the shop to send all their staff into the isles to restock them (with their giant pallet jack like trolleys that block off the whole isle). It only took about 3 hours to get through it and go pack away everything at home quickly. I’m quite glad I didn’t take Nicola along for this one, and besides, she had a ball at my parents’ place.

My mom let her pick a cookie recipe from the book and they made that. Nicola doesn’t actually like cookies, but she’ll eat her own body eight in cookie dough every time! 😉 From all accounts and photos much fun was had by all. Then she had my mom move one of the wingback chairs in their room so that she could sit up close to their bedroom flat-screen and watch the Disney channel (she now refers to this as both HER chair and HER television). And then she took out a pair of my mother’s high heels and danced up and down the passage for a bit. There were also games of playing tag with my grandmother and by the time I arrived everyone was looking in need of an afternoon nap. I love afternoon naps, so cool that I got to join Nicola for one too after lunch. 😀

My folks brought back three bags of the most delicious oranges from Thabazimbi, and Nicola surprised me by wolfing down the better part of two whole oranges last night after she had her dinner already. We took some home with us and it’s all I’ve been hearing about. She counts them every time she passes the fruit bowl (like I would steal them while she’s not looking? Mwahahaha), and keeps asking me for more. I think two is quite enough for one day, we’ll have some more tonight if she wants to.

As for the potty training and the bottles that are no more I have only the following to report: No nappies is going great! Not good, GREAT! All of it. I don’t know if it’s been the same for other parents when they give up the night nappy, but I’ve been lucky that Nicola is much more likely to have an oops during the day while she’s distracted with playing (if she has one at all) than at night. I am pleasantly surprised because I thought that would be the hard part. Maybe we’re just lucky? We’ve bought little girl knickers with almost all the Disney characters on them, her favourites are the Bambi ones for some reason even though she’s never seen Bambi. It made a really big impression on her when I told her we must pee in the loo and not on the Bambi. Hey, if it works, it works? *shrug* And after the first night or two of general unhappiness about the bottles being taken away she’s completely over it now. She doesn’t even ask for them and she hardly even drinks milk anymore except in her tea (of which she has a lot!). To give you an idea, she went down from consuming about a litre of milk a day (or more) to about half a cup to a cup max. I would actually like her to drink a bit more milk but for now this works just fine.

That’s our weekend in a nutshell – how was yours?



  1. WOW! Sounds like an eventful and packed weekend. Month-end shopping is awful. Lucky us we went just before 10am and it was fine, by the time we were leaving an hour later it was “packed to the rafters” 😉

    Glad the potty training is going well (guess it works better since she was also ready)and the bottle weaning worked. On the milk issue, what if you add more milk to her tea, would she drink it? That way hopefully, she can get more milk.

  2. Busy weeekend and glad all the milestones are just happening like that. Oh and I love a great orange too

  3. You had a lovely weekend! I would have been VERY annoyed with the school helper person as well. You cannot possibly tell me that they don’t know that she no longer wears a nappy? I didn’t send a single nappy to school today and would have made war if he had been wearing one when I picked him up. LOL…so clever to tell her to pee in the loo and not on Bambi. I’ll keep that in mind. Gosh, I had no idea that Liewe Heksie had DVD’s out. I used to LOVE that.
    My weekend was lovely!

  4. I used to love Liewe Heksie – what a trip down memory lane. And Bennie, Bennie Boekwurm 🙂

    I think you’re very lucky with the night time nappy! I told D I will THINK about it when they have dry nappies in the morning for a week 🙂

    Nicola is right – there is nothing like a good, juicy orange and they should be guarded (and counted) at all costs. Kendra and I go through a bag a week. I think Connor and D maybe have 4 between the 2 of them.

    So that’s the key?! Buy character panties. We had a little accident at pre-school today from the boy. I think he was too busy playing. For the first time ever I was prepared though – amazing. I am not a prepared mother with extra clothes!

    I’m off to bed now – my kindle is calling my name!

  5. adesolaf, thanks. Yes I add quite a bit of milk to her tea already so she gets that at least, and then last night she took to a glass with a picture of a cat on it that I got from Cat. She’s very happy to drink milk out of that one. 🙂

    Cat, thank you! 🙂 I prefer naartjies to oranges myself but just because I don’t like the white stuff that you get on your hands from peeling an orange.

    Julia, my mom picked up the DVDs at Look and Listen I think. It’s four discs and 32 episodes in total. The school and I are now very clear on where I stand on this matter…I don’t think it will happen again.

    Marcia, ooh yes Bennie Boekwurm from Wielie Walie. I’d love to get her some of that! The oopsies are all part of the process I think. If they don’t know how it feels how will they know to avoid it, right? Hope you had a good night.

  6. That is UNACCEPTABLE thing to happen at the creche your little one was found in. I hope you made such a big scene that this will never ever happen again. I can only imagine how confused your daughter must have been, trying to get that nappy off since she wanted to use the toilet. Argh!

  7. Ah cookie dough… A girl after my own heart I tell you.
    And I love your phrase “getting my Cinderella on”!

  8. blackhuff, oh yes – they know where we stand on this now.

    Angel, 😆 I bet she would have a field day in your kitchen!

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