29 June , 2012

More photo catch-ups:

  1. The flower we bought for Stamcleaner on her birthday (Marcia I’m further behind than I thought since this was April!)
  2. Making scones with my mom
  3. Helping my dad with the laundry
  4. I love this photo šŸ˜€


Not that much to report today, except that Nicola’s teacher told me that we reached another big milestone yesterday. She asked to go do a number 2 in the loo and actually did it. To celebrate we had KFC last night (any excuse will do really šŸ˜‰ ). On a whim I also got some of their coleslaw (we usually just have the chicken and chips) and Nicola surprised me again. Initially she said she didn’t want any, so I just put one spoonful in her plate. She ended up eating the whole container a little else she loved it that much! I think what sets it apart from other salads is that it’s all chopped up pretty small so it’s easy to master with a spoon? Anyhoo, it’s definitely going to be on the menu going forward.

Steamcleaner is back from leave next week and I seriously can’t wait. This place just isn’t the same without her. I’m sorry that she wasn’t here to attend the farewell for the secret agent too. In her absence I asked Snake-In-The-Grass to say a few words at the farewell (him being the manager and all that), which he agreed to do…and then he didn’t even bother to pitch, so I did it myself instead. I don’t mind doing it, and I think it went down well regardless – but it’s just so bloody typical of him. No respect for other people’s time. *breathe in**breathe out*…whoooosaaaaah….

Oh yes, and then one last thing. We’re in week 4 of an 8 week training program. Sessions are held every Friday. Shame, the poor fascilitator had his hands full today. We covered about half the material he wanted to present and then the groups just kind of went off on its own tangent. Still staying on topic though, but maybe not as structured as he would have liked it. Who knows? Maybe that’s where he wanted it to go anyway? It got quite heated at times but personally I’m really enjoying it. I’m getting to know some colleagues much better in this environment, and there are some real hidden gems in there! šŸ˜€

Hope you all have a superb weekend ahead – we’re going to be doing a lot of cleaning and resting. It’s going to be magnificent, I can already tell.



  1. Incredible how you warmed towards steam cleaner? The Princess is alsoa KFC coleslaw lover is am H and me – though not my IBS colon though

  2. Cat, quite! We actually have a lot in common (once we got to know each other). We had a bumpy start but after that it’s all gone swimmingly really. She’s now a friend. šŸ˜€

    What else do you avoid with that?

  3. Ugh some people have no manners!

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