Wordless Wednesday

27 June , 2012


  1. “Helping” my gran check her facebook updates
  2. Modeling the Tinkerbot backback when we bought it – it’s almost bigger than she is!
  3. & 4. When we told her the Wellies were for walking in water so that her feet don’t get wet she managed to convince my mom that a demo was in order. 😆


  1. Precious

  2. Nicola’s greatgrandmum on FB!!!! WOW.

    I hope you have taken professional pictures of all 4 generations – you know I love pictures (So no surprises there). It’s not often that you have 4 generations of women all at the same time.

  3. adesolaf, I know right? 🙂 I haven’t had professional photos taken of the four of us yet but I have a few self taken ones.

  4. Waaaaa! A “demo” for the wellies!

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