Not very popular with my little person

26 June , 2012

As always the photos are not related to the post:

  1. Stealing my boots and stomping around with them
  2. Giving the baby a hug saying, “Toemaar, toemaar…alles gaan okay wees.”
  3. Washing her hands outside (aka playing with the water) – obviously before hell froze over. Geez but it’s been cold this week!


So, back to the topic at hand:

Last night I decided that operation “ditch the bottle” was to begin. Might as well rip off the plaster, right?

Well Nicola was not impressed. Not even a little bit. I decided that I wouldn’t enter into negotiations or gradual weaning off manouvres. Just stop. Cold turkey. I hid all the bottles and when it came to that time of the night where she usually gets one I told her they were all broken and she could have milk if she wanted it out of a cup. Declined. Begging. Pleading. Screaming and demanding. Sulking. Crying. More begging. Shit it was really hard on me too cause I had to keep saying no. It was also hard to keep a straight face because part of her tactics involved screaming at me, “Mamma! Hulle is nie almal stukkend NIE!” And that last word raised in pitch and volume so that there could be no misunderstanding. I covered up my face and pretended to cry cause she was talking to me in such an ugly way and she was so angry that she tried to smack me and told me to go ahead and cry she doesn’t care. Ouch.

She said she didn’t want milk out of a cup, so I brought her some water in a bottle with a staw. It has to be upright or it spills so no lying down and falling asleep with it either. Eventually she calmed herself down to a milder level of dissatisfaction and had a few sips of milk from a cup before falling asleep. Thank goodness! I thought we were going to argue about it all night long.

The very first thing she said to me this morning was that the bottles weren’t all broken (at least she didn’t shout it to me again) and then she asks for a cup of tea and drank all of it almost in a single gulp. I do hope that it will go better tonight. That’s what I get for leaving it for so long I guess? Oh well…

In other wildly exciting news I am fighting a losing battle with laundry. How is it possible that I can do two loads a day and not get ahead somehow?! (okay, not every day but every day that I used to do just one load in summer and that worked just fine). Stupid winter. I think it’s because we’re wearing so much more at the moment. I cannot wait for Spring. The mountain of laundry is so overwhelming that I half feel like adding all the curtains to it since it doesn’t even feel like it will make much of a difference anyway…maybe this weekend?

At work it’s been kind of quiet since SteamCleaner is out of the country at the moment. That and everyone is freezing so mostly they’re wandering the passages looking for snacks and hot food or beverages. We have an eager beaver auditor, checking out our bits of the secret operation. I had her at my elbow for a few daysΒ  but she seems to have moved on to the other guys in the department. I’m not sure what’s happened because she was very polite and easy going while she was with me but apparently she’s busting chops where she is now. I’m sure all will be revealed soon one way or another.



  1. Ahh…my heart bleeds for little Nicola…the necessary evils of being a parent. And in the mids of all that anger, she is still cute as well…
    The auditor probably left you alone..either because you are doing things right or she is shit scared of you…haahaaaa…lets hope it is the first one!

  2. I think you’re doing the right thing here. Teaching her to go without the bottle and it’s so cute of her, to be able to say that they aren’t broken πŸ™‚ Just comes to show how intelligent they are.

  3. Well done! I battle with this – we must have tried about 6 times with Cameron – with Kiara I just swapped the bottle for a sports bottle (which she still has with her often).

    Jack can go to school with his bottle and dummy and blankie and nappy!

  4. Please we need to ensure you stay in Nicola’s good books!!! Hmmmm issue is how do we balance that with getting rid of the bottle. Hope you can stick to your guns and not let her go back to using the bottles. Seems going cold turkey works albeit very difficult on mother and child

  5. Melinda, last night went a lot better already. I know it’s tough, but I think it’ll be good for her that’s why I have to push a bit on this one thing. Mwahaha…who would be scared of little ol’ me? πŸ˜‰

    blackhuff, she’s very clever. She still doesn’t believe me about it but she’s slowly learning to accept this bottle-less new state.

    Laura, hahaha! I’m sure when the time is right he’ll let at least some of them go. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who battled with it, thanks.

    adesolaf, oh I am a very good gun-sticker. When I close a door it stays closed. She’s already half forgiven me for it. She still moans a bit about it but at least she’s not screaming at me anymore and trying to hit me. Progress!

  6. Poor you Laura and she’s not even a teenager yet
    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  7. adesolaf, hahaha thanks! If she’s anything like I was then the teenage years are going to be packed with adventure and challenge (and rebellion!). πŸ˜‰

  8. I loathe trying to keep up with washing… but I’d rather do that than dishes.

  9. I don’t mind either, but I absolutely cannot face ironing or filing.

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