The weekend wrap-up

25 June , 2012

These photos are about a month or so old already. I am still valiantly trying to catch-up but I’ll either have to start taking less or posting more, which is probably not going to happen. So it is what it is. 😛

  1. On our way to collect meds at Dischem the last time Nicola was properly sick. Just look how light her hair is going!
  2. Nicola has informed me that her new favourite colour is pink. (I’m hoping it’s just a phase) 😉
  3. I think it’s time we ditch the bottle now…but she really still looks like a baby when she falls asleep like this doesn’t she? 🙂


We went to TWO birthday parties this weekend, both for two year old boys. The first one was for SuperM at his parents’ plot near Honeydew. It was raining on and off outside and fairly miserable weather, but still a great party. We carried on with the no nappy trend Nicola started last week but it was not the best idea I have to admit. On top of playing and forgetting that she needs to go, there was also only one loo and queueing isn’t really the way you want to go when you need to go straight away. I packed quite a stash of clean bottoms and undies for her but when we got to the last pair I knew it was time to go. The birthday boy got one of those cool battery operated cars from his parents and Nicola was thrilled to take a ride with him quickly before we left. It was so cute! They were driving along with their matching spiderman helmets and SuperM noticed that Nicola’s visor was open. He stopped the car and closed it for her before taking off again. I have photos of course, but if the current trend is anything to go by you’ll only get to see it in August.

On Sunday we went to my cousin’s son’s borthday party. Justin is also two now (well tomorrow), and the whole party was Smurf themed. Wow, they sure went to a lot of trouble and I think you could have gotten about 200 kids hopped up on the amount of sugar that was available there! Justin just came out of hospital about a week ago, where he was for about 2 weeks (first with the a lung infection and then with two other infections he picked up in hospital!). I’m really glad the little guy didn’t end up having to spend his big day on a drip. The party was held at a lodge in Pretoria – so lot of space for the children to run around and they had two jumping castles set up inside the hall too. Nicola had a blast and she did a lot better with the toilet business than the day before but I did drag her there exactly every half an hour whether she wanted to go or not (I wasn’t very popular for this move as you can imagine). 

After a long weekend of running around and eating our body weight in sugar we settled down to watch a movie at my folks’ place last night before we went home. My mom bought The Sound of Music because I have been looking for it everywhere. I thought Nicola might get a kick out of all the singing and dancing, and boy was I right! She didn’t particularly love the in between bits (in fact she complained about it quite loudly) but when they were singing she grabbed a crayon or whatever and belted along at top volume. At some point she dragged her old cot matress to the living room and after passionately jumping on it and singing along to, “the hills are alive with the sound of music” she declared it all “Rock and Roll!”. Mwahahaha! Too cute! 

We got home at a decent hour last night and slept fantastically, but I am still exhausted today. Next weekend we have nothing planned and I am declaring it a REST weekend. No exceptions! The most “out” I plan on being is the local Pick ‘n Pay for grocery shopping.



  1. Love the pics…I agree about the bottle making her look like a baby…she is a baby…too cute
    Love the smurf party theme…..
    Jada also did not quite get the Sound of Music(except the singing) but absolutely adored Annie

  2. I know!!! About the bottle 🙂 So cute.

    C also fights when I insist that we go to the toilet – he hates it and tells me “there’s NO PEE” (like that, in caps).

    I love quiet weekends in….

  3. Sjoe but you had a busy weekend. My kids are LOVING Glee at the moment. I actually do want to buy Sound of Music and a few other musical DVD’s. I cannot wait for a quiet weekend again…

  4. Melinda, I want to get her some more musicals and old classics. I MUCH prefer them to barney and teletubbies. 😉

    Marcia, I will do a bottle update a bit later. It’s not been as peaceful as giving up the nappies. Not even by a long shot!

    Julia, oooh I haven’t shown her Glee yet but I bet she’d love it too. Any singing and dancing seems to do the trick.

  5. I don’t get invited to kids parties anymore… I love all the sugar…

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