The longest night

21 June , 2012

Still catching up on my photos, so these are not related at all to the post of course:

  1. Highjacking Oupa’s computer…more especially the mouse! She said to my dad, “Oupa! Ek het jou knoppies gesteel – mwah haa haa!” Too cute. 😀
  2. Baking scones with my mom and squinting because of the flash.
  3. Just being cute as always on on of our shopping trips.


So…back to the topic of the post:

Yesterday I packed some soup from home for lunch. I actually made this soup for a soup evening I was supposed to go to with some friends but then I was to sick to go and stuck it in the freezer. I made it using the slow cooker with recipe I grabbed off Google. *drum roll* And now I know that I am also violently allergic to cannelini beans, just like I am to chick peas.

I chucked the rest out, which was a shame, because it really tasted very good.

Anyhoo, last night while I was still trying my level best to throw up things I ate for at least two weeks before (I mean how much more empty than empty can you really get?! It was like my body was trying to turn itself inside out to get rid of it.), Nicola decided that she was now done with diapers. Not only was she using the loo like a champ every now and then when she felt like it (as she’s been doing for the last few weeks), but she flat out REFUSED to put a nappy on again afterwards.

Even when it was bed time and I tried to bribe her with a bottle of milk (I wasn’t sure if we were quite ready to give up the night nappy yet), she refused. She polity told me that she was going to sleep with a panty on instead…and yes she still wanted the milk. 😆 Oh well, I guess she won’t know if she’s ready unless I give her a chance to find out somehow right?

I woke her up twice during the night to ask if she wanted to go to the toilet, but she said no both times. Actually, the second time she said, “Nee Mamma. Los my uit. Ek slaap nou.” 😆 Anyway…what a surprise! She was completely incident free all night and she slept like a champ. She woke up this morning at 6:00 and just barely missed getting to the loo on time. Excellent progress I think. I am so proud of her, and really she’s kind of doing it all herself at this point!

Now for my next trick I plan to go and see the principal at her school. The teacher refuses to carry on with potty training because it’s winter. Even when I don’t sent nappies to school they just put someone else’s nappies on her. If she’s completely off it at home and even at night then I don’t see why she can’t use the toilet at school too. This is not going to be a negotiation by the way…I actually feel strongly enough about this to move her to a different school if they’re not willing to work with us on this. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that though.



  1. What a clever girl! I would be very proud too! I am sure that the school thing will be fine. Tell her to say NO to nappies. But yes, go and speak with the principal.

  2. Yes, talk to the principal of the creche. Your little one is clearly ready to go off the diaper and they need to respect that. Glad that it’s going so good without the diaper. A little champ you have there.

  3. Being allergic absolutely sucks.

    I love the Rocky and Bullwinkle reference.

  4. Totally agree with you – that’s just pure laziness on the teacher’s part! So glad you’re having an easy transition from the nappies to broekies! So far, only one of my four has made a carefree switch and that was Michael. At 3, he just decided one day that he’d had enough of the nappies. He took his nappy off, went to the toilet and that was pretty much that.
    The rest of them, on the other hand, have been less than keen…

  5. Clever Mommy for having such a clever little girl

  6. Julia, I am so proud you’d swear I was the one doing it. 😉

    blackhuff, I’ll give you guys an update today on how that showdown went.

    JD, amen to that! What part is the reference? I may have accidentally referenced something without realising it. 😉

    MeeA, you know what…this whole thing has just taught me one valuable lesson. It won’t work until they’re ready, no matter how hard you try and what incentive you use. If it was up to me we would have knocked this down about a year ago but it just didn’t work. And here she is now practically doing it by herself and just about unprompted too.

    Melinda, hahaha thanks – but I really can’t take the credit for this. She’s doing it all by herself!

  7. That face in the last picture is too precious!
    I’m glad the school decided to start working with you.

  8. Me too, I really do like the school in general.

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