Just Keep Swimming

18 June , 2012

A few catch up photos – completely unrelated to the topic (of course).


So I’ve been kind of scarse round here and unlike what you may have thought I’ve been up to I have mostly been sick in bed and feeling like shit all round. On the upside I’ve manged to watch a lot of series and catch up on loads of overdue sleep. It started out as a flu-ish type of thing and then rapidly progressed into a very unlovely bacterial lung infection.

My very bright silver lining is that it seems to mostly (touch wood) have skipped by Nicola. She’s got a very slight cough and she’s a bit nigly but for the most part she seems as healthy as a horse. Thank God! (And I’m not saying that without deeply meaning it).

In other exciting news my car is borked. At the back of my mind I have strongly suspected that it might be time for a service soon-ish, but being on a roll with the whole debt denting thing I thought i’d squeeze another month or two out of it before booking it.

Apparently not,

The clutch has gone to that big garage in the sky and they had to come and tow the beast in from my parents place this morning. The replacement of said clucth along with the service which is now inevitable will most likely amount to more than one sixth of the book value of my car! (Yes…I am very ready for that Lotto now). I am currently borrowing my mother’s car to get to work and back and I’m renting my grandmother’s car so that my mother can also get to work and back (I don’t like automatics, and no you can’t convince me that I do). I am lucky that I have the support in place to kind of roll with this punch, but I won’t lie – it’s been traumatic and depressing thinking about it and all the logistics that go with it.

Also borked : The hard drive with all Nicola’s animated movies on it. Super bummer on that. I wonder it it is actually possible to get that shiny magic bit out of it and into a housing of some sorts to make it work again and where I might find a person with the right screw drivers and know how to attempt it? At the moment she is stuck watching whatever i am watching with me…obviously I have to be really selective about what i let her see because she’s just not ready for Fringe or Dexter or Criminal Minds. So far it looks like she really enjoys Big Bang Theory, August Rush and the first half of the first Harry Potter movie (before all the scary bits). It is really cute hearing her say Dubledore! 😆

Anyhoo, I better get on with catching up on some work I missed last week. I have other stuff to post too, but all in good time. Hope your Monday is cheaper than mine so far.



  1. You should really make backups on discs.
    Oh no! Car trouble are always the worst – to me it is 😦 You are super lucky to have support in place when your car breaks. I too have my parents. I thank God for that.

  2. So sorry to hear abou tbeing sick and the car trouble. Hope you bounce back !

  3. SJoe. Car trouble is the WORST! Hoping for Lotto winnings for both of us. I have Penguins of Madagascar. It’s a series that Child2 likes. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing that he will watch. Maybe I could email the episodes to you? I will ask my DH if this is possible. OK?

  4. No! I can’t believe it! You don’t need this, trust me, not with this weather and everything.

    Thank goodness you at least have a spare car or two to borrow.

  5. Oh no cuz! Being sick is awful. I have a whole bunch of kiddie movies that i can put on my smaller hard drive or write to disks for you. I can bring them to you on Friday maybe?

  6. Sorry about your car…what a bummer!!!! As for your hard drive, nothing a trip to your local video store wont solve…smile. Hope you are feeling better today

  7. blackhuff, 😆 we’re talking about roughly 2TB worth of stuff if I did that for everything. That is a LOT of discs! My family has really been a giant help with the car. makes me wonder how people without support go it alone?

    cat, thank you 🙂 I’m still talking with some husky stranger’s voice but health wise I’m feeling loads better at least.

    Julia, oooh I have that on a DVD somewhere. Thanks for reminding me. Don’t mail it, it will eat all your data if you do that – but thanks for the offer.

    Marcia, if all goes according to plan I will get my car back today. I actually can’t wait to be on my own wheels again. My mom’s audi drives like a dream, but it’s still a borrowed car.

    arkwife, thanks cuzz! Don’t you use the smaller hardrive yourself? Maybe I can make you an offer for it if you don’t? I’ll give you a call tonight…

    Melinda, I’m feeling much better today thanks! 😀

  8. That flu-turning-into-bacterial-pneumonia is what my parents are currently afflicted with! They’re really battling with it too so you have all my sympathy!

  9. Thanks Angel…maybe give them a heads up that it’s followed quite sharply by a one day tummy bug too.

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