Bits and pieces of this week

31 May , 2012

Some more old photos…


Let me share with you what happened on Tuesday:

When I got to the school to pick Nicola up, a bunch of the little girls were all playing around this sort of tree. I say sort of tree because it’s really more like a couple of branches at this stage but i’m sure it will eventually become a tree. One of the told Nicola that I was there and she turned around to smile at me. At the very same time one of the other little hooligans (L, a girl in Nicola’s class that i don’t really like at all) pulled down the one branch in what I assume was an effort either to climb the tree or uproot it. It smacked my poor angel straight in the face and the some of the dust went into Nicola’s left eye.

Big tears! She said, “Mamma! L… het my met ‘n boom geslaan. Whaaaaa!”

I had a look at her eye, but it didn’t look too bad except for the tears and the itchiness of the dust, What I really wanted to do is have a stern talk to the little terrorist who did it, but luckily the teacher saw my face and came over to handle things.

Anyhoo, we HAD to go to Dischem and Pick ‘n Pay quickly. I was feeling rubbish and Nicola agreed with me that take aways was definitely in order (like I needed much encouragement). 😉 We stopped at Burger perfect on the way out and I ordered her a cheeseburger kiddies combo and a grown up version for myself. In the 10 minutes it took for them to prepare our food, Nicola happened to spot the cones they use for the soft serve. “Mamma, kan ek ‘n roomys kry…asseblief?” tilting her head to one side with that one red eye looking so sad, shame.

I couldn’t resist. I knew that means she probably wasn’t going to put a proper dent in her dinner but some days you just need ice cream more. For R4,50 I didn’t expect the massive ice cream they brought us, wow! And to my surprise Nicola actually ate almost all of it and at least half her chips too. Happiness at R4,50…what a bargain! 😀

She also got this rubbish chinese puzzle with the meal, which is a bit advanced for her really. Every time she gets frustrated with it all the pieces end up on the floor…and guess who gets to pick them up? Moi, that’s right. I strongly suspect that thing will mysteriously disappear by the weekend never to be seen again if this carries on. On Wednesday morning just before Nicola woke up I had a few minutes so I quickly built it and just left it on the coffee table.

I had such a laugh when she saw it! She said, “Ooooh, dis mooi! Mamma! Jy is so slim!” And there you have it 😀 I am a genius, Nicola certified no less. My little ego boost for the day…let me have it.

Secret place rambles:

Box-Of-Frogs said his last secret place words yesterday. He had all “his people” herded together for it. I don’t know why he bothered. In the almost 3 years that I’ve worked year I have been introduced to him at least 5 times and he still doesn’t know who I am, and he’s not really in a habit of coming down to slum it worth the worker bees either. Half of them didn’t bother to attend, and of those there only his most dedicated kiss @ss was actually paying proper attention to what he was saying. It was more or less just a half an hour recap of all the worst times he’s ever had there.

Anyhoo, bon voyage Box-Of-Frogs! Now let’s see how long it takes for the new guy to be appointed so that the underling power struggle can come to some sort of conclusion.



  1. Oh I agree – sometimes ice cream is way more important. As I learned on Friday as well.

  2. cat, it really made a BIG difference! 🙂

  3. Well, if your little one states you’re a genius, you then sure are 🙂
    It’s so nice when our children think of us as geniuses 🙂

  4. He recounted all his worst experiences? Now thats no way to say goodbye!
    I can’t believe how N has grown!

  5. You are a frikkin genius….. However, it would have taken every muscle in my body to prevent me walking of to “L” and flikking her ear..smile. Ice cream is a miracle work…it solves all problems

  6. blackhuff, hahah! Yes…we’ll see how long it lasts. 😉 I’ll bask in the glory while I have it.

    Angel, he’s not one of my favourites here. Nicola has turned into a real little lady. They really grow up so fast!

    Melinda, I know it was an accident…*breath in – breathe out*…but I just don’t don’t like that girl. I’m kind of glad the teacher handled it, I’m not sure I’m objective enough to be fair when my daughter gets hurt.

  7. Of course you’re a genius, not just for the puzzle but for the ice-cream. Isn’t it cool when they give us our words of affirmation?

    My Kendra is very good and tells me all my crafty things are “so pretty, Mummy” – I love it!

    Tonight we were videoing each other saying I love you – a real love fest – very cute!

    Also, the worm was too funny. I would have screamed!

    OH wait, the other day I get home and Kendra says “look Mummy a spider” I thought she was talking about a dead thing far away but no, they’d caught a spider that was STILL MOVING. I screamed so loud and they both packed out laughing. Yessss, these kids are going to give me a heart attack!

  8. Aw that’s so sweet…I just melt when Nicola tells me she loves me and gives me a cuddle or a kiss. Especially when, like now, she’s a bit standoffish with everyone else – not even my parents are getting kisses or hugs at the moment! Mwahaha @ the spider – for that I would have screamed. The worm doesn’t bug me.

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