Wordless Wednesday

30 May , 2012

Okay, maybe not completely wordless…


Of these three photos the last one is my favourite. We found an earth worm while gardening and Nicola was quite happy to touch it and hold it for a photo…until it moved. 😆 There was spectacular screaming that followed because she was convinced it wanted to bite her finger. Poor little critter was successfully relocated to a pot and disappeared harmlessly despite Nicola wanting me to hit it with a book.



  1. I like the shirt more …. hehehe

  2. Gotta agree on that T Shirt….

    Very glad you saved the earthworm

  3. LOL about the wiggling worm and screaming child 🙂

  4. She is beautiful! At least she throws them down – Kiara collects them :-/

  5. I real little girl child

  6. Heh heh, been watching you with spiders, eh?

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