Turkeys…you just can’t trust them

29 May , 2012

Old photo catch up again. 😉 The first one is obviously a sleeping pink terrorist. The second one is at her school – she’s been telling me for ages that they climb trees there (which I thought was a bit strange) and the teacher assures me that they don’t. This is the tree climbing. The line up and each take a turn to stand on the bottom branch for a few seconds. 😆 The last photo is just some Barney-bear snuggles at home.


I am not feeling on top of the world right now and I strongly suspect that I am about to encounter my annual bout of the man-down-flu, which usually has me bed ridden for at least a week or more. But keep your fingers crossed that I’m wrong. Last night I had a mild head ache, which I thought would kind of sort itself out while I slept but it got so bad that I actually woke up at 1:00 from it and was greeted by the peculiar site in the mirror of just one bloodshot eye. So I appear to be just half sick? Panado wasn’t doing the trick so I had some of Nicola’s Stopayne too to get back to sleep again.

Anyhoo, on to the topic of this post, sort of…

On Saturday my cousin came through from Pretoria for a quick visit. It’s been such a long time since we’ve been able to sit down and just catch up, what a treat. We decided to go through to Second Cup (literally just round the corner from us) for some of their famous chilli hot chocolate. Nicola was fascinated by the local wild life, mostly chickens and what I believe to be some sort of turkey.

She has having a fat chat to this turkey and it seemed to be talking back to her (and stalking her!).  It made me a bit nervous so I kept trying to stand between them or to subtly wave my handbag at the bird so I wouldn’t have to actually kick it if it got out of hand, but then the owner walked past and stroked it so I kind of assumed it was tame. Well…a bit later when Nicola touched it, it decided that it wasn’t. It went for her, and I actually think it went for her eyes, but luckily she looked down just then so it pecked her on the head instead. My poor girl was distraught and moaned about the chicken who bit her. She wanted me to put it in the naughty corner or hit it with a book! Nothing too serious though and luckily the incident was quickly forgotten. But my cousin was right when she said you just can’t trust a turkey. 😆

On Sunday we popped in at Louelle’s for breakfast and to celebrate her birthday. Nicola was utterly enchanted with her dog Cazzie (a.k.a Castro) and the sharks that they have in the complex pond (actually babers). We had a lovely lazy breakfast and a stroll through the grounds and Louelle gave Nicola the biggest stuffed fluffy dog toy whom she promptly named Marble (the same name as my brother’s cat) and dragged along everywhere!

After Nicola’s nap time we headed through to go get Julia so that we could all have a quick lunch with her before her flight back to Cape Town. We picked her up in Blairgowrie and the silly GPS decided that the best route to Bedfordview would be to go through Hillbrow! 😆 I’m just glad we got through that quickly and without incident. Definitely NOT the route I would have picked if I had my own sense of direction. It was great finally meeting Julia, and also seeing Marcia and Cat again. I probably wasn’t the very best of company because I was really exhausted and starting to feel a bit sickish already, so sorry guys.

This coming weekend is my dad’s birthday and I am super excited to see what he thinks of our gift to him. I can’t tell you what it is because he reads here too (Hi Dad! *waves vigorously*). I’m pretty sure he’s going to love it though. 😀 Other than Dad related birthday activities I plan to do a lot of napping and resting. If I have any hope of not getting sick I will have to slow down a bit.

And then lastly (this is already turned into a massive ramble), I ACCIDENTALLY  baked a chocolate cake last night. 😆 Ironically the best one to have ever been made by me and I wasn’t even trying to make one. You see, I’ve recently tried out the cinnamon and raisin bread recipe on the bread maker and loved it and I wanted to see what would happen if I substituted the raisin for chocolate chips instead. Ha! Well it does not come out like a giant choc chip cookie if you were wondering. The chip all melt and it turns into a chocolate cake! That would have been fine too but I actually needed a bread so I sliced it accordingly and packed some for lunch today with Nutella and margarine on it. It’ll do…it’ll do quite nicely actually.



  1. Ooh, that bread sounds fantastic. And you were brilliant company – don’t worry. And I bought Septoguard for adults – get some! Hope you feel better very soon

  2. Tonight dose yourself up with my B’s magic..(3 corenzos, 2 grandpa, 2 voltaren, drink it down with 1 berocca C). You will feel top of the world tomorrow
    I moaned at Julia too…I live in Blairgowrie….boohoo
    Hope you feel better in the morning

  3. Not just turkeys …. all birds .. you cannot trust any of them … if you do .. you underestimate the sneaky-ness … 🙂

  4. cat, it’s pretty good but not very bread like. 😉 I think I need to stop at Dischem on the way home for sure.

    Melinda, I didn’t know you lived there. That is actually pretty close to us. I think another get together is definitely in order (pity you missed out on meeting Julia).

    merriemuis, mwahaha! I know you have a deep seated distrust of parrots too but I didn’t realise it was ALL birds you felt this way about. 😆

  5. ALL feathered creatures!! I believe it is a universal mutual understanding … I don’t like them, they don’t like me .. and we stay out of each others way :-). Been attached … so far .. by (nou gaan ons maar afrikaans toe hehehe ) kokketiel, 2 x parrots, 3x geese (3 at a time as well) … once in a pool .. i screamed so loudly i woke the entire holiday resort. I was so traumatized by this, that I went to my room in a daze, got into bed (with my wet clothes and all) started crying and stayed in bed the whole day … wasn’t funny … Andre came to visit me that night at the resort and found me still in bed crying . . . not to even begin to tell you about the doves in London …. was HECTIC!! …. now i just stay as far away from them as humanly possible ..

  6. Congrats on baking such a great chocolate cake (and that without any effort as well.) 🙂
    Love the pictures of your little pink terrorist 🙂
    That story of the turkey is kind of scary :/

  7. I do love when things don’t go according to plan but they still turn out good – like your chocolate cake 🙂 The more I hear of this fabulous breadmaker, the more I want one. I’m a couple of recipes short of my goal for this year (up til Aug) and I’m pinning some nice things to try. THis weekend I did nothing, the weekend before I did 2 (1 good and 1 flop) – HEY, I should blog it 🙂 and I intend to bake up a storm again this weekend.

  8. She has the most beautiful eyelashes! I really hope I can meet her when next in Jozi!

  9. merriemuis, arme niggie – die blerrie goed is almal op jou spoor lyk dit my.

    blackhuff, thanks! That turkey was kind of scary – I’m just glad she didn’t get hurt badly. i should have gone with my first instinct which was to boot it when we got there.

    Marcia, we still have to set a cookie date young lady. 😉 I seriously love the bread maker. Especially now that I’m trying a few of the other recipes too (and apparently making some of my own up in the process).

    DT! Long time no see! When are you up here again, I’d really like you to meet her in person. 😀

  10. I wish I could have seen Julia while she was here!
    That chocolate bread is sounding SO good right now…

  11. Angel, the chocolate bread is good…but really it works best with nutella (like I need an excuse).

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