Some secret place ramblings and the cranky pants

22 May , 2012

The photos bear no relationship to the actual post as usual…but aren’t they just the cutest anyway? 😉


Yes, yes…I know. Look at that hair! 😉 I am one lucky mama, she’s as sweet as she is cute.

Anyhoo, secret place ramblings as promised. Yesterday the new very big cheese officially took over from the previous one. The previous one never got mentioned on here but if I had to give him a name retrospectively it would be TheMeerkat. The new one I think will have to go by AgentSmith, and that’s a pity cause I kind of had my heart set on calling him MrEd.  

To give you an example of the differences between TheMeerkat and AgentSmith let me tell you about their first days. TheMeerkat rocked up, gathered everyone in the parking lot (dungeon-ish), told them in such an animated and endearing way that he had a strong military background and that he was planning on a traumatic restructure of the company that most people didn’t get it and cheered him at the end of his speech. AgentSmith recorded himself saying very nice things about how he cares about us perfect strangers, and first made everyone go and watch it in the auditorium before putting it on a repeating loop throughout the building on screens…while he was sitting in his office in the same building.

Also, he refers to us as “colleagues” in such a monotone voice that it reminded me of the way the movie Agent Smith says “Mr. Anderson” (hence the name), and his one eye looks like it’s about to wink at you throughout the entire recording (very prominent twitch!). So in one place on the clip where he says, “we’ll disagree with each other…respectfully” and it twitches RIGHT on the last word I had a really hard time keeping a straight face. 😆

He comes from a place where we’ve been picking up a lot of quality retrenched staff, so his message of I love the people! doesn’t sit quite right. Of those little souls the opinions are pretty much evenly split between he’s great and he’s really a MrEd (but more donkey like) ;-). I don’t know…I guess we’ll see what happens. Either way i don’t anticipate a lot of direct exposure to him, so it doesn’t really rock my apple cart.

I am much more interested to see who gets to play the new Box-Of-Frogs than TheMeerkat! 😆

Enough about that…on to the cranky pants.

I’m wearing them…and I NEED chocolate in large volumes! And hot water bottles, and no sudden movements from anyone around me. Grrr! I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow (but don’t stop sending the chocolates!).



  1. *Hands over the Ferrero Rocher & Lindt balls*

    Sounds like fun & games over at Secret H.Q – rather you than me! That sort of thing is exactly why I’m better off where I am…

    Maybe what we need is to take them cranky pants to Cranks for some din-dins & drinks? Then you can leave them there, because there’s lots of bare boys and girls who’d be happy to have any pants at all! …? (I haven’t been there for many, many years, so dunno if it’s still nice to go to – am open to other suggestions!) 😛

  2. Agent Smith sounds like the perfect name for him. Waiting with abaited breath for further developments….

  3. Ah thank you St.MeeA. 😀 Dinner and drinks sounds like a GREAT plan to me…but I probably wouldn’t be able to find Cranks if my life depended on it. I’ve been there once, Jeanette was driving, and all I remember was that they had a really nice tequila sunrise in a jamjar (there are photos of this floating about somewhere on the internet). I’ll give you a buzz and we’ll set something up?

    Cat, it really does suit him. I’ve thrown around a bit of an opinion poll here and everyone sees it! 😉

  4. I’m in awe … relooping a video throughout the company on screens? That just sounds bizaare but perhaps he have his reasons?
    Good luck and I hope that things change for the good.

  5. blackhuff, ha! He had the whole country dial in today for a Q&A session on the video. Not much more inspriring sadly.

  6. Your description of the “secret place” is so funny. I love the picture of Nicola with the big heart against her chest: speaks volumes

  7. adesolaf, I love it too! It’s a heart shaped box (that used to have chocolates in it), she carts it around and from time to time even stands on it and uses it as a stage if she wants to sing something. The box has taken quite a beating and it still looks more or less as it did in the start.

  8. I love the names you give to the people you work with! They are so descriptive!
    As for the new guy’s video… just weird! Really!

  9. Angel, he is such a prima donna this new one. Some of what he’s been up to I can’t even blog about. We have also established that he doesn’t like to touch the commoners, not even for a handshake. He actually looks like he’s in pain when someone confronts him with a hand for shaking.

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