Ouma Joey’s Birthday Weekend!

21 May , 2012

Believe it or not there are some recent photos in a slide show at the end of this post 😉


But first…on Friday poor Nicola wasn’t feeling very well. She started with a very croupy cough Thursday night and kept coughing herself awake (and me of course). Then on Friday morning she woke up an hour earlier than usual, which meant that I hadn’t finished doing what I usually do before she gets up. She was following me around the house moaning at me to come and get back in bed (which sounded Oh So Tempting) but I had some urgent stuff to get done at the office so it wasn’t really an option.

Eventually I gave her a bowl of jelly beans to occupy her while I jumped in the bath (one can hope?). She came to stand next to the bath with her sweets and she decided that she’d try and tempt me out of the water with, “Mamma…ek het jou jelly beans…Mmm-mmm-mmm!” 😆 Then she picked one out of the bowl which she had half eaten and spit back and said, “Dis ‘n babatjie! Ag sweet! ” She cradles it in her arms and went, “toemaar-toemaar, alles gaan okay wees…” before eating it. 😆

I had grand plans to get some washing done on Saturday morning but Pasja accidentally slammed the garage door shut (teenage affliction?) and it jammed the locking mechanism. Well, I don’t need much of an excuse to dodge laundry so we packed up and left. My mom had asked us to come sleep over on Saturday so that we could all sing for my gran on Sunday morning for her birthday.

My gran celebrated her 80th birthday and it was a great party! 🙂 It looked like everyone had a good time and of course we ate until we could hardly sit upright anymore. We accidentally caused an additional bit of excitement because Nicola helped me choose the candles for the birthday cake. I didn’t realise it but we managed to get the relights-itself sort so just about EVERYONE got a chance to blow them out. Eventually we had to chuck them in a cup of cooldrink to extinguish them. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope my gran enjoyed her special day as much as we all did! 😀

Nicola was completely wiped out after all the festivities. She went to bed without any protests, and this morning when I had to wake her up to get ready she said, “Nee mamma, ek wil die kombers oor my beentjies trek en nog slaap. Gaan weg!” 😆 I get that feeling on Mondays too!

I really hope her cough clears up soon. We’re using all the herbal meds we got last year, plus the humedifier and vapour rubs, and it sounds a bit better at least. I really don’t want to get into the one antibiotic after another spin cycle we had last year again, but if it doesn’t get much better quickly we might not really have a choice.



  1. Happy birthday to your Ouma. So awesome when people rich this age. So few do.
    May I ask: How did you do these slideshow of photos on your blog?

  2. blackhuff, in WordPress if you click on the add photo button and you select all the photos you want at one time. Wait for them all to finish uploading and then at the bottom of the pop-up page there’s an option to insert the whole bunch of them as a slide-show. The only downside is that you can’t add captions (but i suppose you could do that with another program on the photos themselves before loading them?).

    My gran’s quite a character! 😉 And believe it or not she doesn’t colour her hair! And she’s still very active, she takes long walks every day and does yoga as often as she can. A real inspiration for growing old gracefully.

  3. I love the eyes pic and… that N is a girl after my own heart. The only thing that gets me moving is am 8:30 meeting… otherwise I wander in here 9ish 🙂

    pS these people who don’t have to colour their hair make me super-jealous.

    PPS the food looks so good 🙂

  4. Marcia, I get up early but I like to wander around the house tinkering with thinks and getting ready for ages at a very leisurely pace. I usually wake up at 05:00 and wake Nicola up at about 06:15 so that we can get going by 06:30. Haha! I hear you on the colouring…I don’t colour mine at the moment, but I can already spot one or two greys which I’m hoping will make me look distinguished rather than old at some point. 😉

    The food: it was phenomenal! We had braaivleis, green beans, pumpkin tart, potato and cream bake, broccoli and bacon salad, green salad, at least two types of bread (with and without garlic), and for desert we had chiffon cake (sp?) milk tart (not me since I don’t touch it but the other people had it), lemon meringe pie, banana caramel baked pud with custard, and I even made some of those yogurt pops I saw on your blog for the kids (which they LOVED!). Lots and lots of eating as you can see. 😀

  5. She’s too cute! My Child2 is also not a morning person and we BATTLE with him. However, on Friday I woke him and told him that his puzzle was waiting. He was sooooo excited and jumped up to do his puzzle. This morning I did the same and it worked! It makes such a difference to his entire mood. I hope it will work for a LONG time as I have no idea what we are going to do once this novelty wears off.

  6. Your daughter is really, truly just so darned beautiful – well done, lady! Glad you had a good weekend.

  7. Julia, maybe a new puzzle? 😉 I bet I could get Nicola out of bed with promises of paint…but it would be really messy!

    MeeA, thank you! 😀

  8. Happy Bday to your gran – she looks fantastic! Ag and I had that feeling this morning – just could not get up. And L has a cough and we did not sleep last night.

  9. Cat, it’s that time of the year isn’t it? It’s already going a lot better for us than last year this time but even so I think we’ll be sleeping with vapour rub and humidifiers for the next three months at least! Hope L gets better soon…

  10. How is her cough now?

  11. Much much better thank you! 🙂

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