Friday at last!

11 May , 2012

These photos were also obviously taken when it was still warm. πŸ˜‰


Well, it’s been the first full work week in ages – and we got through it in one piece! πŸ˜€

I had my monthly secret group call to attend last night so I only managed to get out at about 18:00. Wow, it’s really dark already by that time. And it feels even darker in the middle of the CBD if you know what I mean?

As I told you last time, one of the execs (Box-Of-Frogs) has resigned and we were all anticipating the mad scramble for position amongst his minions. Yip…that has well and truly started. The political playing that’s going on here at the moment is at all time high levels, and I anticipate that it will probably stay that way for at least the next month or two while the replacement is selected and the dust settles. It seems the majority of the pack of wolves are all playing according to the same strategy though, namely: make the other guy look shit so that I can shine in contrast. It’s quite sad and pathetic that people of this level feel that this is the only way to play. If a choice like that was up to me, I’d tell them all to f-off. Have some pride dammit! If you really are the star of the class, you won’t have to tell anyone about it – they’d know already from the quality of your work.

And then on a completely unrelated note:

So far *touch wood* we are having a much healthier winter this year. In part I suppose it’s because Nicola is a bit older now and has an actual immune system, and maybe I’m healthier because I’m getting enough sleep and not worrying myself silly about her not being healthy? But the other part of the solution I think might have something to do with a little magic we got at the pharmacy, which is why I’ll mention it here in case someone needs it. It’s called Septogard and it is the sh_t! It’s a natural antibiotic that you can even take preventatively. Nicola and I are both using it and even my mom and gran have started taking it. We are all feeling great! So there you are…use it…don’t use it…*shrug*

And lastly:

You may be aware that I have the stop smoking thing on my list of things to do and so far I have been failing dismally to hit it. Well, the next attempt will be on the 1st of June, so wish me luck. One of my colleagues is joining me on this attempt, and we’ll be taking non-smoking-smoke-breaks together as part of our strategy.

That’s it for today – Hope you all have a super weekend!



  1. I did not know you smoke especially with the meet up you did not disappear for a smoke … big surprise to me.
    Yes, it is so sad that people will go to such extremes, to get a position. You are right in saying that if the one who do the appointments have enough savvy, then this type of game play will not influence him/her regarding making the right decision on who to appoint.
    Have a great weekend – btw, I like that comforter you have on your bed.

  2. Unfortunately that is ideal but not the way the world works – you kind of have to “position yourself” and make yourself “visible”. I personally believe that there’s an ethical way to go about that without being sleazy but a lot of people just go all out and dirty. ugh!

    So glad you’re not sick!!!!

    Also, yay on the smoking. I thought like marleen that you’d given up again because I didn’t see you disappear either. Hmmm… πŸ™‚

  3. Marleen, πŸ˜† I can go a few hours without one. πŸ˜‰ Thank you, I bought that yonks ago, but I also love it.

    Marcia, *sigh* I know…I still don’t like it though, and these guys are going to the level of creating power point presentations for this battle. The thing that makes it an extra special back stabbing oppertunity is that Box-Of-Frogs’s boss (not spoken about before) is also leaving at the same time, although he is retiring. So you can see that there will be a fresh faced audience for this kind of shenanigans who actually don’t know a darned thing about the organisation or the players. I am not going to root for anyone, and hopefully whoever becomes the new in charge person will not have risen to that level without knowing how to see through the backstabbing and bullshit. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ah, do stop, you willnever be sorry. And someone else also told me a bout septoguard, so I am going to try it for sure.

  5. Wish me luck for the 1st please…you won’t be sorry about the Septogard, it works like magic!

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