Almost Wordless Wednesday

9 May , 2012

On a recent milk and what-not run…


I know I’ve promised you some profound but it’s just been a bit busy round here – so you’ll have to wait a bit more for that. 😉

I will just leave you with a few of Nicola’s favourite sayings at the moment:

  • “Oh my goodness!” this gets thrown around quite freely for anything from a cookie falling on the floor to finding a bug on the driveway. It’s super cute when it goes with that curious and surprised facial expression.
  • “Jy moet binne die lyne inkleur” obviously that’s a hot topic of art  at school at the moment. In fact it made such an impression on her that last night she said it in her sleep! 😆
  • If I ask her to do something that she doesn’t feel like doing she tells me, “Uhm…nee…nie nou nie.”
  • And if I’m giving her an earful about something she did she goes, “Shhh…ek is so lief vir jou mamma.” (there’s no arguing with that really) 😉
  • Also she’s in the habit now of throwing a piece of cloth (dish rag/face cloth/whatever) over random things and telling me to leave it there because the cake is busy cooling off. 😆 I know where this comes from. When I take a fresh loaf of bread out of the machine I always throw something over it till it cools off before I cut it and put it away in the bread bin.

Ps! Last night I got a bee in my bonnet about cutting her hair. Not a lot – just a little trim because the ends always seem a bit more prone to tangling. For my next trick I decided that I would do this while she was having a bath so that the mess would be contained. Ha! Talk about a moving target! The moment Nicola saw the scissors she started swimming laps to make it more interesting for both of us. I think I still more or less managed to do what I intended to do – thank goodness curly hair is pretty forgiving.



  1. Haha! Nicola is a real little character and her expression in the photo is super cute! What did you ever do with your life before she was around to keep you busy?

  2. you are brave to cut her hair while she’s swimming 🙂 and clever to do it in the bath! I desperately need to cut Connor’s hair.

    Also N is gorgeous with her I love yous. oooh, too precious – I’d melt!

  3. Oh she is a true original. And do pop overvto my blog today

  4. Your “Shhh…ek is so lief vir jou mamma” had me finished….how the hell do you keep a straight face with that. Too precious

  5. Momcat, she’s just amazing! 😀 Uhm…I used to go out a lot, and have actual quiet times. The rest is all kind of blurry.

    Marcia, I do melt. It’s just so nice to hear (even if she uses it as a get out of jail free card) 😉 The hair cutting is much easier than I thought it would be (when she sits still for more than two minutes). I’ll have to post an after photo so you can see my handy work?

    Cat, yes she is. *beams* I popped over early this morning…sorry I fell asleep early despite my best intentions.

    Melinda, you just can’t. 😆 I love my little girl to bits!

  6. Your little girl have the cutest things to say – so that she makes me smile. She is so cute. I should really also post what mine says. Enjoy this stage she is in – they do grow out of it, unfortunately 😦

  7. Ah yes, that stage where you want to fit a sliding door on their room so that they’ll stop slamming the bloody door. I’m sure we’ll get there eventually – but I’m really enjoying this stage now and I don’t want to forget any of the cute things she says. 😉

  8. Gorgeous eyes, she looks like she saw something very exciting

  9. adesolaf, hahaha! Yes, just about anything she can reach off the shelves is wildly exciting for her on these trips.

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