Jam packed weekend

7 May , 2012

I could do with a nap like that right about now… 😉


This was one crazy busy weekend for us!

Friday night we visited with my folks as we usually do…Saterday morning Nicola and I went for a walk to a local park and I had a fine time trying to convince her to head back home…in between all that we had Martha over to come clean and iron for us a bit…in the afternoon we met up with my old boarding school roommate and her two daughters (and another friend of hers) at Papachino’s for lunch and the girls played till they literally dropped…after that we went for a visit at my folks again and we decided to join them on Sunday at my aunt’s house in Pretoria for a braai too (my cousin’s kids and wife was there too, and again the kids played till they dropped).

I don’t usually arrange more than one social a weekend because it sometimes just gets too much and there’s nothing left of your weekend for relaxing, but it was actually all very nice and we had a great time. Nicola is getting more and more social with other kids and I could tell that she really enjoyed playing WITH them and not just BESIDES them too. It’s a big thing really – I want to encourage that.

We had the best nap when we got home from Pretoria too, which unfortunately left me being unable to sleep last night when it was actual bedtime so I’m shuffling around in a bloodshot-eyes-daze again today. I would have seriously considered taking a duvet day if I didn’t have three important meetings lined up that I couldn’t move.

I have lots of photos of the weekend past, but as I’m sure you’re used to by now, I haven’t downloaded them yet. 😆 We’ll get there eventually – promise.  I am not going to attempt anything more strenuous than getting through the rest of the day for now. I’ll think of something profound to say again tomorrow.

Have a super Monday…or what’s left of it. *yawn and stretch*



  1. Now this sure is a jam-packed weekend the two of you had. Wonderful! Glad it was fun.
    Sorry that you have blood-shot eyes today – hope the day was not too long.

  2. Just did a big fat marathon catchup on your blog…this child of yours is truly amazing…and so beautiful:) Thanx for being my insomnia entertainment for tonight:)

  3. blackhuff, I got through it eventually – although I was feeling crankier than Nicola without a nap by last night. And you know how it goes, when you really don’t have the energy everything will NEED your attention right away. 😉

    Ruby, my pleasure. 🙂 Get some sleep!

  4. You had yourself a whopper! We had a busy weekend too. And like you, I was EXHAUSTED yesterday. I am used to having at least one nap and one morning of lying in. That didn’t happen this weekend and I went to bed VERY late on all three nights. I was completely knackered yesterday. Today was better though. Helped that I went to bed EARLY last night.

  5. I would have been exhausted after that weekend. I have a rule…bo social gatherings on Sundays….otherwise I am too tired for Monday.

  6. Julia, 😆 I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs my naps.

    Melinda, usually I have either Saturday or Sunday, not both – this coming weekend will probably be another whopper though.

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