A time for change

2 May , 2012

I love love love these photos of Nicola! 😀 This is what happens when I tell her not to climb on the rocks (Hellooo! have I mentioned the TWO scorpions we’ve found in the cottage already?!). In the first photo she returns the favour by telling me what she thinks I should be doing or not doing, in the case, “Mamma, moenie vir my se^ om nie op die klippe te klim nie. Kom sit jou boude hier.” (add pointing to the exact spot where she thinks I may be able to fit my bottom onto). And the second photo is her just ignoring me and enjoying herself doing whatever she was going to do anyway. It’s very frustrating when she does that, 😆 but I love that she has that streak actually.


Anyhoo, on to the actual topic at hand:

We had a good, and mostly peaceful looong weekend. You already know about our monthly shopping trip and it’s adventures that happened on Friday. We spent most of our weekend with my parents, in between doing laundry and just catching up with a few things around the house.

The one thing worthy of mention was the upgrading from baby seat to booster seat which did not go well. At all. The reason for the switch was that the pink terrorist has found it increasingly easy to get her arms loose from the constraints of the baby seat and it kind of defeats the purpose if you’re not going to be using it properly I think. In theory the baby seat should be able to convert to a booster seat more or less at the weight category where we find ourselves now anyway and be good for another 10kg at least (which is kind of why I bought that particular one to begin with). Ha! The conversion is not as easy as the flyer would have you believe, and secondly the normal safety belt now has to go into a special little gap in the bottom of the booster seat while the child is squirming and kicking (and let’s not forget screaming!) at the same time as you’re trying to get it to go in there and align with the buckle from both ends of the car on your own without losing your patience or your mind (or your ability to hear). Then once you actually have all the belts buckles and holes aligned and your daughter safely strapped in she doesn’t stop complaining, screaming and crying about it until you take it off again…*sigh* Initially I optimistically thought that it was just one of those things that she’d have to get used to. I’m 33 and I still don’t like safety belts – but I wear them cause it’s the law and it keeps my head out of the windscreen if or when I have an accident – so that’s that. She’s allowed to hate it, but it’s still happening.

But then I remembered that my mom recently bought this little thingamajigger which might work a bit better, and really by this time I was willing to try anything because the adjustment and acceptance phase of the process was not forthcoming from Nicola at all. It’s a sleeve that fits over a normal safety belt which keeps the little person strapped/trapped in safely but keeps the belt away from their throat area which I suppose is the main idea of the booster seat in any case? We tried it…2 minutes of moaning and then peace. On the second trip, 1 minute of complaining and then peace. And this morning, which was our fourth trip…not a squeek and actual pleasant chatter like we used to have. It looks like we have a winner. Thank goodness! (and I’m not saying that lightly)

And so that marks the passing of yet another phase for us. No more baby seat – she really is a little girl now.

The other thing that happened yesterday was that for a big part of the day Nicola refused to wear a nappy (or pants for that matter, but we’ll work on getting those on again – the nappy we actually want to get rid of). It didn’t go completely accident free, but if she wants to potty train herself I’m all for it. I warned the teacher this morning what she might be in for and I packed extra clothes just in case. Keep your fingers crossed – this could be it. 😀

That’s about all I have for you today. I’ll do my to-do list update in a bit, promise. 😉



  1. The Princess potty trained herself, exactly like Nicola is doing now. Just go with the flow. The bursing sister warned me that if you miss this bus (wanting to train) you might just struggle later. SO just go with the flow. And yeah on another milestone.

  2. Nicola is just so funny!!!!! Nice pictures as always. Guess taking a pretty girl like Nicola is bound to result in nice pictures 🙂

  3. cat, that’s more or less my plan too. She’s obviously ready – so all I have to do is give her the opportunity to show me. The strange thing is that she absolutely refuses to use the toilets at school again now. She seems to switch between the two. When she uses their loos she won’t go at home and the other way around. We’ll get there eventually.

    adesolaf, thank you – these are some of my favourites, but you’re right she’s a pretty girl and I may be biased since I’m her mom but all her photos look beautiful to me. 😉

  4. Great new phase that you two are embarking on 🙂
    Scorpions! Yikes!
    LOL about her telling her mommy to put her butt down on the rocks 🙂 I love how you add her Afrikaans words into the post. Afrikaans just sounds so much more funnier 🙂

  5. Ag moeder! Sy is te oulik.

  6. Marleen, hahah yeah – it doesn’t translate well, so I leave it in as is. 😉 The first scorpion we found fell out of the duvet as i was making the bed. I almost pooped my pants! I grabbed Nicola under my arm and ran out the front door. My landlord beat it to a pulp with his crocs. The second one I found on my way to the bathroom, but it was already dead so I didn’t freak out that much with that one. They were both the same size (still fairly small) which makes me worry that there might be either more of them around or possibly a bigger mama scorpion too.

    Sunnyfish, ek moet eintlik ‘n paar videos ook laai een of ander tyd want ek dink nie regtig ek doen dit justice nie. Die goed vat net moer lank om te laai en eet al my data op, maar miskien sal ek ‘n plan maak van my ma-hulle af want hulle gebruik nie hulle cap op met die ADSL nie.

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