Grocery shopping

28 April , 2012

The pictures obviously don’t relate to the topic again. Winking smile These were taken a while ago when it was still hot.



Before we get to the grocery shopping part of this post I just wanted to tell you what happened on Thursday when i picked Nicola up from school. 😆 They’re busy learning about farm animals this week, according to the activity book, and she was telling me with great enthusiasm in the car, how she took a ride on a Turkey at school that day.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t ride on a turkey – I must remember to ask the teacher what that’s all about! I just love how her little imagination works…it’s a thing of beauty and I’ll do anything to make sure I foster that in her.

Now on to the grocery shopping part of the post.

Yesterday we went to the Hyperama for our monthly big shopping. You know how some months you have more cleaning things on the list and some months you have more food or toiletries (assuming you keep a list like I do)? Well, this month I had almost everything on the list so I knew it was going to be a big one. I wanted to buy a canvas too, which is why we went to Hyperama instead of Pick ‘n Pay but I somehow forgot to add that to the list and subsequently ended up not buying it anyway.

The first interesting thing that happened to us was that we ended up packing shelves. The people of Hyperama pack those shelves like complete dim-wits and this little old lady walked by a shelf of peanut butter that all came tumbling down (luckily the plastic bottled kind). Nicola and I quickly helped her pack about a hundred bottles back on the shelf. She seemed really surprised that anyone stopped to help, which is a bit of a shame really.

The second things was while we were cruising up and down isled looking for stuff, I had my cellphone on to check our items off the list (as things get finished or almost finished I usually add them on a list on my phone and that’s how we shop). A very disgruntled lady saw me doing this and assumed I was adding things up on the calculator. She lets rip with, "It’s a F-ing shame that we have to buy groceries with a calculator these days!" and stormed off in a huff. 😆 I have done that on occasion to be honest, but this wasn’t one of those times…plus I have a pretty good idea how much my stuff will cost now, so I don’t have to. (Ooh, and I found a slow cooker – I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one – it was on special for R200! Now I have one. Open-mouthed smile)

When we got to till part of our experience I discovered that I apparently have a daily transaction limit in my debit card. And it was about R3 less than my shopping. I don’t keep cash on my, so I had to pay the balance with my credit card! 😆

Obviously all this card shuffling and supervisor calling took a bit longer than the average check out and while I was doing that the teller next to us decided that she needed to leave her seat for a bit. Without asking or even a how’d-you-do she pushed my now empty except for Nicola trolley out of her way, and not just enough space to squeeze by either, far out of the way. I asked her where the hell she thought she was going with my child…in possibly a less than polite way. Nicola suddenly realised that someone was between us in a place where she didn’t know anyone else and started wailing at the top of her lungs, "Jy kan nie my touch nie! Waaaaaah!" Which she kept up until we actually left the building and repeated to ALL passers-by.

Glares were exchanged, trolley with wailing kids were returned…we paid and left. I’m actually quite pleased with how Nicola reacted. Winking smileIt was an honest mistake if I had to guess, but I hope that if anyone ever did try to snatch her she’d kick up a big fuss so that I could jump on them and make them sorry they were ever born.

Our next part of the adventure happened at the car. Eager beaver car guard had already loaded everything in the boot by the time I realised i actually had not even a cent of cash to give him to say thanks. Embarrassing. Luckily he smoked, so I gave him a couple of cigarettes instead. I don’t think it’s something that happens to him often though – he seemed surprised, but not altogether unhappy.

After all of that we went home unpacked our stuff and then spent the rest of the day with my folks at their place.

Ps! Last night’s going to bed movie for Nicola was kung Fu Panda…which she now refers to as "die panda en die kokkerot movie" (the cockroach being the mantis I presume?). 😆



  1. Die Panda en die kokkerot movie! Nou so lekker gelag. Goodon Nicola. You have toight her well

    • Dit het my ‘n rukkie gevat om uit te figure van watse kokkerot sy praat maar ek het my gat afgelag toe ek eers het! 😉

  2. LOL about the kokkerot 🙂

  3. Comment not related to this post, did you finish reading a million little pieces? Did you google the book?

  4. I’m SOOOO proud of Nicola. PLease can she teach COnnor to be a little discerning – that boy goes off with ANYBODY!

    I used to shop (very proudly) with a calculator to make sure I came in on budget. I think I need to revive that habit because I’m seriously freaking out about our bills. Water and elec is already R2500 a month (okay R2300) and it’s not even WINTER!!!!

  5. I used to shop with a calculator and I haven’t been doing it! Am going to start again. haha…I think that Joel would have had a field day packing those shelves. He LOVES stuff like that. Both my kids (and me) LOVE Kung fu panda. Trust you’ve had a restful day today?

  6. i shop like you do. I have a list for each section of my shopping and becuase i live on a really tight budget, that list has an everage price on it. Next to it will be columns for all the stores, picknpay,checkers, wooollies, etc. I edit my list each month depending on what i do not have to buy. I print all the special leavlets from all the stores and put them on my list then i go the the mall (without
    children) and i go to every store and check the price for products i need to buy, but i dont go to checkers as they are usually cheaper. It all gets written on the list. After that i go have coffee and a siggy.
    To see where i need to buy what. I will then go to checkers to do my shopping, if i can get a product from another stor that is cheaper than checkers i will go back there when im dont at checkers. i wont drive up and down after a special, becuase the money you are saving is not worth the petrol.

    Point is I get you!!

  7. blackhuff, hehehe 😉

    adesolaf, I did finish reading it yes. It was a really good (awful) story and told very well I think. I did google it and I saw all the chaos, accusations and confessions. i still like it and I believe that even though bits were not true, they were still entirely possible and probably true for other people. It wouldn’t have made a difference to me to know that they weren’t 100%.

    Marcia, I don’t know if you can train in or train out that in someone. I didn’t teach Nicola, she kind of just had it from the start. R2300 for water and electricity?! Holy crap! That’s over two thirds of my monthly rent (which includes water and elec), and more than what I spend a month on groceries. I may need to win the Lotto afterall before I look into buying a house.

    Julia, Nicola also enjoyed the shelf packing. 😀 We looove Kung Fu Panda. We recently got the second one and unfortunately only the first half an hour would play so we haven’t managed to see the rest yet. My super long weekend was very restful thanks, how was yours?

  8. Charlotte, wow – that’s a lot of footwork! I agree with you that the petrol is often not worth the running around from store to store. I wish that you could just compare everything online before you go, but that’s just not possible. We do most of our shopping either at Pick ‘n Pay or Hyperama, now and then we’ll go to Checkers but the ones around here all smell funny inside for some reason (maybe they all use the same cleaning chemicals?) but the smell totally puts me off. I don’t buy fresh foods at Checkers, ever – just because of that smell. It’s kind of funny really because when i lived in Cape Town there was a Checkers and a Pick ‘n Pay about a block away from my house and the Pick ‘n pay was the one that smelled funny so I shopped at the Checkers for the exact same reason. 😉

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