26 April , 2012

Kids, they really do say the darndest things… 😉

Yesterday, as always, I picked Nicola up from school. On Wednesdays we usually have dinner with my parents at their place and while chatting about her day in the car I ask her, “Wat dink jy gaan ons eet by Ouma se huis vanaand?” She pipes up, “Ons gaan ‘n pappagaai eet!” 😆 Err…no, we won’t. Even if we wanted to I don’t think eating parrots are economical because they are a couple of thousand rand each, so not a lot of chew for your money.

So I go about explaining that we don’t eat parrots. I remembered that they’re busy learning about farm animals this week so I add that we can eat chickens, ostrich, or ducks. Nicola agrees heartily with all of that. Then she decides that we should eat duck at ouma’s house (my mom hates cooking duck so it seems unlikely at best). Just after I go with we’ll have to wait and see, but whatever it is i’m sure it will be delicious – Nicola does a 180 on the duck eating and tells me we should rather put it in the water. All good, it worked out for the best I think…I’m pretty sure we won’t be eating duck there.

As I pull into my parents’ driveway my dad comes out to greet us, and imagine his surprise when the first thing out of Nicola’s mouth isn’t “Hallo Oupa!” but rather, “Ons gaan nie ‘n pappagaai eet nie Oupa! Okay?” And ever since that she loves chattering in the car and pointing out to me all the things along the way that she’s not planning on eating – just so we’re on the same page. (Thankfully this includes all sorts of things from mail boxes, cyclist, big palm trees, gates and other cars!).

And then another funny thing she said, but probably a caution for me to be more careful about what I say around her:

Nicola is either going through another growth spurt or she’s busy getting sick. Either way, she’s sleeping very restlessly at the moment and wakes up quite a few times during the night demanding/requesting milk. Usually I just go get it and try and get back to sleep as quick as possible, but one night this week I had already done the milk trip three times during the course of the night and decided no was possibly an option if I wanted to get any sleep at all.

So like a coward I pretended to be sleeping in the hope that she’d just let it go and go back to sleep. Through my half closed eyes I carefully watched her to see what she would do. First she tapped me on the shoulder with her bottle trying to wake me up…no joy. Then she sat there, crossed her arms, looked mighty annoyed and let rip with, “Ag shit…”

I know the best thing to do is keep a straight face and change the subject if everyone is pretending to be awake, but it was just so unexpected that I couldn’t help myself from packing up laughing (and of course getting up again to go get more milk). 😆 It’s not really one of my most freaquent swear words so I’m kind of hoping she may have picked it up somewhere else…either way I will have to put an extra guard in front of my potty mouth.

And on that high note, hope you’ll all be having a great long weekend – with lots of rest and fun in equal parts!



  1. ROTFL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Parrots, hope doves are not next on the menu. Looks like Nicola would love to eat some interesting and exotic things 🙂 😉

    Yep, you really need to be careful what you say around her, lest you get in real trouble 😉

    Have a lovely long weekend

  2. O shit ja! Love the parrot bit

  3. Shit, maar ek het lekker gelag oor die pappagaai etery!

  4. adesolaf, hehe yip. Thanks, hope you’re having a great long weekend too!

    Cat, 😆

    Sunnyfish, hahaha, ja sy kom nogal met vreemde goed op!

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