Ready…set…wait, what?!

23 April , 2012

Just a short one from me today…and no picture (I know *gasp* right?) 😉

We had a pretty laid back weekend and Nicola’s eyes are all better for which I’m very grateful (Hiep-hiep-horay Rooibos!). We did a bit of laundry, hung out with the family, napped, ate and rested mostly. We also popped in at the nursery to go pick up a plant for Steamcleaner, who had her birthday on Saturday. And that’s about the long and short of our weekend.

For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep last night. I did, briefly, but then woke up again just after Nicola fell asleep and realised that if I wanted to pack myself lunch today I better get up and set the bread maker quickly. You know how it goes though. Once you’re up you see all kinds of things to keep busy with, and you end up not going back to bed again after you’ve done the 5 minute thing you got up for to begin with. My body has never understood the power napping concept and must have thought we were done with the sleeping bit for the time being because I only managed to nod off again just before 3:00am (and up again at 5:00am).

I thought I would just soldier on and get through this day, one way or another, without the lack of sleep affecting me too badly. However I nodded off in the bath and now inadvertendly I’m spending my day with leave-in conditioner in my hair because I forgot to rinse it off when I woke up. Oh well…*shrug* (it’s not really leave-in conditioner – so it looks crap – and I’ve had to scrounge around for a rubber band to just get it out of my face where it won’t bug me so much).

But I may be losing it? Last week I accidentally crashed a meeting that I wasn’t invited to. I apologised for being a few minutes late to the very surprised chairman of the meeting, who luckily was Steamcleaner, and made myself at home before I realised I actually wasn’t meant to be there. It turned out to be a very entertaining meeting in the end – I might crash it again next month. 😉


And on that high note I’ll close this post off. Man…I really hope Nicola feels like going to bed early tonight so I can catch up on some sleep. Hope your week is off to a good start? I cannot wait for this coming weekend. Payday and a super long weekend (I took leave for Monday), what’s not to love?



  1. I think there is something in the air…everyone is complaining that they are tired (me included). How are you finding the breakmaker? I want one…but my B wont let me get one..he says I am a crow..I like everything shiny and new and then pack it away and never use it…smile

    • I love the bread maker…I end up eating a fair bit more bread than before though. It keeps for about 3 days, but luckily it’s a small loaf so I usually manage to get through it. 😉

      I especially like packing my sandwich with Nutella on it for work.

  2. Jealousy here because of the super long weekend you will be having. I have to work on Monday 😦
    Sorry to hear that you are not having a great day today. Hope that your little girl do go to bed early tonight.

  3. Am also off on Monday and having a long weekend. And I so get you on the whole “am I going mad” thing. Have started taking Omega 3 supplements. Apparently it is meant to help. I can’t say whether it has kicked in yet. Just today I walked into the loo with my cup. And I stood there wandering how I happened to be in there when I was actually on my way to the kitchen sink!
    I went to bed just after 1am because I was watching season 7 episodes of Greys so I am also completely knackered. Am off to bed in a bit.

  4. blackhuff, she was okay last night – not super early like I hoped for but at least more or less on time…I can live with that. 😉

    Julia, let me know if the Omega thing works out for you? I got in a proper night’s rest last night so today I feel a million times better.

  5. I can vouch for those Omegas. But you know it is actually the kids that each take a bit of our minds with them when born. So I am seriously loosing mine ( or have lost already)

  6. Cat, 😆 I can’t argue with that at all! The preggy mush brain doesn’t always go away after you’ve hatched the baby. At first you think maybe it’s just sleep deprevation that’s making you do silly things and forget stuff but at some point you have to face it…you’ve lost a part of your mind! 😉

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