Friday wrap-up

20 April , 2012


I feel like I’ve been very quiet this week…probably because I spent every free minute reading instead of commenting or blogging? 😉

So, let me tell you about the book first I guess? I read MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche this week. The story is about Rachel who moves to a new city after she got married and how she misses having a best friend around to do what best friends do. She embarks on a year-long search to find a new best friend. In her quest she decides to go on 52 friend dates during the year with women that she meet everywhere from cooking and improve classes, to friends of friends she gets introduced to, she joins a couple of online friend services, speed-friending, and even befriending a sales assistant and a waitress. More or less she just reaches out to almost everyone that crosses paths with her to see if they have BFF potential.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It was an easy read and surely everyone can identify with having to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and putting yourself “out there” even if it’s not necessarily on a friend making quest. I don’t really associate with her in how difficult it is in the start for her to make contact with new people and to start making new friends, it’s not something I have ever felt like I battled with at all – in fact at the beginning of the book I kept thinking that she’s definitely over thinking the whole process, a friendship needs a common interest or a funny story to spark it off and then the rest just kind of magically comes together over time, or not as the case may be.

 The other thing I got from reading the accounts of all her friend dates and the whole process she went through is that by that definition I might actually be a pretty rubbish friend myself! 😆 Maybe before Nicola I could imagine myself seeing at least one friend a week, or more sometimes (okay probably a lot more and often) but I don’t know how anyone would be able to fit that into their routine when they have children (or would want to) or even how the heck she managed to afford it! Almost all of her get-togethers entailed restaurants, sushi bars, classes that she had to pay to attend. Yip, definitely not in my budget.

So in conclusion I am very glad that the friends that I do have don’t expect me to rock up at restaurants all the time to see them because then I would see them even less! I am a bad friend, and it seems I don’t have the time or money to change it. I’ll have to get by somehow. 😉 The friend spreadsheet idea I’ve heard thrown around doesn’t seem so farfetched idea all of a sudden.

And…then on to a somewhat but not completely different topic. On my 34 list I have an item related to having a birthday party for myself this year. I haven’t had a proper birthday party for myself since 2008, and I thought it was probably time to change that. Ha! I started toying with the beginnings of a guest list this week…I now know why I’ve been avoiding it for so long. Realistically I can’t have a party for my 160 nearest and dearest, plus I won’t be able to get more than a Hi or Bye in with everyone anyway.

I seriously at that point thought about just blowing the whole thing off again and going away for a weekend instead. I’m still not completely convinced that that might not be the better option actually. The other idea I have is to limit myself to inviting 30 people. The rest of the 160 won’t be too impressed with me I imagine. So in that spirit I am not going to tell you if I’m having a party or not, and if I decide to have one and you crack the nod please treat it as a secret. 😉 No blogging, no facebooking, no even just telling your mother! Somehow I don’t think that’ll work either. That weekend away is looking better and better the more I think about it…

In other news this week:

  • Nicola’s eye infection is clearing up nicely. Not because of the antibiotics in case you were wondering. We’ve been using that, and then also washing her eyes with rooibos tea – it’s a miracle plant that. From now on I’m making sure I always have an extra box in the cupboard for sure.
  • We got her school photos this week and they came out lovely (I keep forgetting to scan one so I can show you, hopefully next week).
  • On Tuesday when we got them we popped round to my parents to show them and my dad was busy tinkering with the spare tire of my mother’s car (she had a flat that morning). When we pulled up he was busy winding down the jack and Nicola said, “Kyk wat het Oupa!” and I said, “Ek sien! Wat is dit?” she then said, “Ek weet nie, maar dis myne!” I laughed so hard I couldn’t get out of the car for a few minutes. She meant it too! It took some real convincing to let her NOT take it when we got out eventually.
  • Other than that, we’re planning a really quiet weekend. It’s end of the month salticrax around here and payday is still a week away. I am also completely ready to win the lotto now (except for actually having a ticket). I’ve had a dream this week and I know exactly where I would like to buy a house, and what kind of dog we’ll need to go with it, and car of course. 😉
  • It’s not the only dream I had this week. One night I dreamt the government stole Nicola and wanted to train her as a child spy. I had to bust her out and kick many asses. That was a much more unpleasant dream than the lotto one and I woke up pumped up and ready to punch someone in the face if they even looked at my daughter the wrong way. Grrrr! I think that poor girl who was abducted probably had something to do with part of my dream but I’m not too sure where the spy parts come from.

Anyhoo…suppose I’ve rambled on enough for one day. Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I am a very low maintenance friend…so I totally get the whole visiting/entertaining/budget part…
    Love the “ek weet nie, maar dit is myne”..classic
    Enjoy the weekend

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  3. i kind of love that you skipped blogging to read – I love it!!! I think I should do the same when I’m away. Just go properly on holiday – what a concept!!!

    I’m actually going to talk about the money and friendship next week! LOL But I’m so glad you read the book. I spend the bulk of my

    The thing with you is you’re so comfortable in your skin and you have low expectations of others (please teach me how you do that) so you’re happy always. Me? not so much

    THat N knows her mind and she knows what she wants – I LOVE IT. Love sassy kids!

  4. You know, I actually have a post in mental drafts about friends and money. Am going to write it up for next week. I have not had a proper party for myself in YEARS! I like small and intimate gatherings so I tend to just have family and then maybe go out for breakfast with a few friends. Maybe. I was actually going to attempt a party this year (I was going to do a tea party or a high tea) but I’ll be away for my birthday this year. Am kind of relieved about it. MWF seeking BFF is on my list.Am pretty sure that you are not a rubbish friend. You are just in a different place in your life at the moment and I am VERY sure that your friends understand it. Glad Nicola’s better and oh my hat, those dreams! Too much.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. ps you are not a rubbish friend

  6. Child Spy (that is so funny) 🙂 🙂 😉
    Did you watch Spy Kids by any chance recently!!!!!!

    Hope you had a nice and restful weekend as planned and the eye infection has cleared up completely now.

  7. Melinda, thank you – we did have a great weekend. Hope your was good too?

    Marcia, I love sassy kids too. 😉 I will show you the way grasshopper. I look forward to reading more of your Friendship Friday posts…especially the one on the money.

    Julia, I’m definitely not the same kind of friend that I was pre Nicola but that’s priorities for you I guess? And yes, those dreams were hectic. I find I wake up quite exhausted after having one of them either way. Give me dreamless sleep anytime!

    Marcia, thank you! You’re pretty cool yourself by the way. 😀

    adesolaf, nope – not recently. We had a nice chill weekend thanks and her eyes are both good as new this week, thank goodness!

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