Bambanani and beyond

16 April , 2012

On Saturday we met up with Marcia and D, Cat and Blackhuff, and all the kidsย at Bambanani in Melville. The children had a blast playing while the grown-ups had fun at the table. It was the first face-to-face meeting I’ve had with Cat and Blackhuff but ironically Bambanani is the place where I met Marcia for the first time too a while ago. We still love the venue, but I think they may have added a few more tables since we were last there because it was TIGHT. Initially I picked a spot at the table where I could have a eagles view of the playground and Nicola, but I quickly realised that if something actually happened worth seeing I wouldn’t be able to get to her without either jumping over the railings (plus about 2m) or levitating over two tables in my way to the ramp! I could have asked the guy at the table next to us to wipe my chin if I spilt anything – seriously.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not very good with enclosed spaces…

After having to chase poor Marcia off her chair a couple of times I gave up and moved to the other end of the table close to the passage. That worked just great and besides Nicola was having a great time and didn’t seem to need the constant reassurance of seeing me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes I think she actually does better with that than I do.

Now, on to some photos! ๐Ÿ˜€


Nicola, when we just got there.


Cat with her little men L and C…I didn’t manage to catch the Princess because she was off doing her own thing most of the time.


Cat and Blackhuff


Marcia, D, Kendra and Connor – I would have loved a better angle on this but I was still trapped at that point between a pram and the guy at the next table’s elbow! ๐Ÿ˜†


Peekaboo Marcia! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Nicola enjoying some chips (very balanced meal, I know). ๐Ÿ˜‰


D and Marcia


Kendra, Connor and D – they have excellent table manners and big appetites those two! ๐Ÿ˜€


Ah yes…I wanted to mention this. I know where Bambanani is, but I still wanted to plug it into the GPS on the way there because then I don’t have to be on the lookout for it through busy as hell Melville – the GPS will just tell me where to start looking. Alas, the pink terrorist strikes again! She had somehow managed to change my languague to Russian or something equally squiggly so that didn’t go according to plan, and I had a grand time finding the place where the settings are to change it back again too. ๐Ÿ˜†


A kissy photo of Nicola and I that Marcia took (thanks!)


Another one of us (thanks Marcia!)


Me, trying to look like I know what I’m doing with Cat’s camera – which I clearly didn’t! ๐Ÿ˜† (thanks Marcia).

We really had a great time, and it was lovely to meet some new friends from the computer. I hope we get to see them again soon, but this time let’s go somewhere where you can swing a cat?

Other non related news:

Nicola has picked up a nasty looking eye infection. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he tells me it’s at least not pink eye (thank goodness!) but she has an inflamation in her one eye which he reckons is sinus related. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No matter how much I try and avoid them it seems resistance is futile when it comes to antibiotics. She is now on two different ones at the same time! One eye drop and Augmentin to fight it from the inside too. Shame, poor Nicola…she’s such a champ when it comes to the eye drops. As the grown up in this situation I am ashamed to admit I can’t even put drops in my own eyes, never mind get someone else to do it for me (I actually have to close my eyes, drip it in the corner, and then open them so it can run in when my hand is well away from my eyes, otherwise it’s just not happening. Nicola on the other hand, except for promising me the eye feels better and to ask me to please not do it, lies perfectly still and lets me get on with it. I’m so proud of her. The faster this thing clears up the better for both of us.

And then I saw something this morning that I just HAD to share with you. Remember when Nicola refused to wear clothes and every morning was an uphill battle and a wrestling match to get her into some? Luckily for the time being she seems to be over that, but someone else at her school is going through the exact same thing! After I dropped Nicola off at her class and made my way back to the car I saw in passing a man lifting his naked except for a nappy daughter from the car, looking a bit scared actually (the man) and the girl sobbing her heart out. The mother was sitting behind the steering wheel screaming like a banshee that she was sick and tired of it and she was not going to be fighting anymore (plus chucking various items of clothing at the man from where she was sitting). She told the man to take her in like that and let the teacher try and dress her because she was done, done, done!

Look, I’m not judging (even though it was well below 10’Cย  at the time). I can well imagine how it got to that stage. I am very grateful to know that we’re not the only ones who have had the odd clothing issues, and secondly I am EXTREMELY grateful that I have managed to get Nicola into them with a bit of wrestling and it has never come down to a point where I feel like letting her go somewhere naked. I hope the rest of that entire family have a much better day than how their morning started. There isn’t enough rescue remedy in the world for the kind of morning they were having.


This photo is not from the weekend, but hey – I’m on a roll – might as well share my Monday morning with you too? Snake-In-The-Grass schedule a 8:15 meeting this morning for the whole department. Well, let me just say that school holidays are obviously over because traffic was terrible again this morning. I managed somehow to only be about 10 minutes late, and I would have tried my best to make a semi-gracious late entrance to the meeting. Only, when I got out of the basement lift this is what greeted me! Plus there were video cameras, all kinds of important people plus the CEO in the reception area to launch whatever they were launching. And the video camera was pointed right at the lift, so no easy way to sneak past at all.

Needless to say I missed the entire meeting because I was stuck. *sigh* Oh well…the people who went say I didn’t miss too much.


Aaaand my Kalahari order was delivered to my desk! Yay! I am very happy about this service, I may never order a postal delivery from them again. What a pleasure not to have to schlep in to the post office to go and collect my parcel. I bought myself two new books (one recommended by Marcia and one recommended by Cat) and a new DVD for Nicola (honestly I wanted to get to the R250 mark so that I could get the free shipping otherwise I may have bought a bit less).

I cannot wait to get stuck into those books!

Ps! A very long post I know. Sorry…




  1. Haahaaa….I am looking forward to fighting with my Jadakins re : clothes. My sister once let my nephew go to school in his sisters ballerina outfit.
    Enjoy the book reading

  2. Never appologise for a long post!

    My kids are big now so no more of those play areas for me but when my kids were little Tumbletown was the favourite of the day!

    My kids also had the dressing issue. Oh, all but Kevin. He was fairly easy with dressing. Liam Jamฮตs use to want to go nakkid everywhere with his rainy weather boots. Some days we settled for boots, underpants and a cape. Things have not really improved LOL. Liam Jamฮตs now only wants to wear name brands and if you let him go only in his underpants he would be thrilled. We did explain at 16 this is not an open so Liam Jamฮตs wears shorts. No shirt. No shoes. Victoria had a ballerina outfit she did ballet in that often got dressed up as a batman ballerina cause the outfits were too small for the boys so she would add the cape and the superhero pants and there you go. She hated anything in her hair and until today her clothes has a tendancy not to match exactly if you let her!

    Which books did you buy?

  3. I too had a wonderful time. I laughed about you and why you chose that table for us to sit at. Jumping over the railings ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, I also agree that their space is so limited – I too felt a bit “tight”.
    Sorry to hear that Nicola caught an eye infection. That’s never a pleasant thing.
    Enjoy the goodies you have received from Kalahari. I never use the Post Office anymore.

  4. PS. I won’t say sorry for a long reply! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Melinda, mwahaha! I hope she got a photo or two for when he’s a bit older? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wenchy, cool…I take it back then. (and I love long comments, so thank you!). I got MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche (Marcia’s recommendation) and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Cat’s recommendation).

    blackhuff, hehehe…I didn’t pick the table – they allocated it to us, but my picking of a seat at that table nearly had me jumping over the railing in the beginning. Nicola’s eye was already looking a lot better this morning, thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Hi girl- it was so great to meet you and the most beautiful little Nicola. And I agree – their tables are too tight. In any event, the next kuier will be on the other side of th Boerewors curtain.

  7. Cat, just say when and where – we’ll be there! ๐Ÿ˜€ I will check the language settings on my GPS the day before just to be safe. It was really great to finally meet you and your children too.

  8. long story but I’m working from home this afternoon and Kendra was sitting on my lap while I was having my lunch – yes, at 2:45. Wrap with chunky cottage cheese and raw coleslaw. As I’m eating the bits are dropping out and she was polishing them all off. I said, “K, why are you eating all these bits?” “Kendra a dog!” Not a dog, but maybe a bunny? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m eating like a rabbit because I’m trying to lose weight, she just likes it!

    you guys are all seriously putting on the pressure!!!! EEK – I will resist because I have another thing I have to post today.

    I love kalahari, not to sell on (althought I’ve now sold 3 books on there) but because they deliver right to my office door – LOVE it. That R30 is also well worth the time I don’t have to go to the PO and stand in those queues waiting for inefficient people!

    PS thanks for saying that about their table manners ๐Ÿ™‚ They do eat a lot – there’s no skivying off with cooking around here, I can tell you!

  9. Looks like an awesome time was had by Bambanani. Sorry that poor Nicola has an eye infection.Joel had one a few months ago and let me tell you it was a special kind of hell to apply that ointment in his eye! Was cursing the pharmacist for not giving drops instead!

  10. Hey there, the picture of you and Nicola is just so cute… So sorry to hear that she is not doing too well… hope the infection goes away soon.

  11. Marcia, this was the first time I tried their courier service but I think that’s definitely the way to go from now on. Hehehe, can’t believe she likes the coleslaw…you have to see the face Nicola pulls regarding anything salad! She’ll pop a piece in her mouth and then the face comes and the spitting, followed by vigorous wiping of the tongue. She happily eats cherry tomatoes though as long as they are not cold.

    Julia, I hope it clears up soon. It’s already looking better than yesterday and much better than Sunday but still not quite right. Nicola has now decided that she’s done with the eye drops so we have to wrestle for it or barter something else that she really wants to get it in but she just rubs it out again straight after. Her teacher told me that she herself had pink eye last year that just wouldn’t clear up. Eventually she just started cleaning it with rooibos tea and that seemed to do the trick. Last night out of desperation I tried it and it looks like it is actually helping things along, so I sent some to school today too.

    Gaby, thank you! I hope so too.

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