Wordless Wednesday

11 April , 2012










  1. Love that last photo…so peacefull

  2. Oh gosh, miss cute herself. And that’s a huge stash

  3. Melinda, yip…when she’s sleeping it’s probably the only time that she’s not climbing on top of things and running around. 😀

    Cat, she’s super cute! Thank you. The stash is enormous. Four of the bunnies were from my mom, two bunnies and all the round eggs were from my manager, and the bright pink hello kitty one that didn’t have any chocolate in was all that I bought. 😉

  4. Ag, ek hou van daardie blou steweltjies!

  5. those boots were definitely worth it – they are SUPER cute as is the wearer 🙂

  6. also “steweltjies” – what a fantastic word!

  7. Marcia and sunnyfish – sy is mal oor die steweltjies! If she sees them she wants them on, no arguments. The grass was very cold and wet since we did our hunt early. I think the bit she loves the most about them is that she can keep them on if she wants to splash around in a puddle.

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