Easter long weekend

10 April , 2012


As you know by now I’m always way behind with my photo posting so this is from a few weeks ago when it was still summer. Brr! Cold today though, winter is here or very close. I’ll try and do an Easter egg photo post before Christmas rolls by, but I might save it for tomorrrow’s Wordless Wednesday. 😉

Anyhoo, recap on the weekend that was:

  • It was the perfect blend of rest and fun, family and friends, eating, sleeping, and doing a bit of nothing. Both Nicola and I had a magic Easter weekend.
  • Thursday night, as I told you, I went on my solo movie date. there wasn’t anything on that I desparately wanted to see so I decided to go watch American Pie Reunion because I definitely can’t watch that with Nicola and I hoped that it would be mindless and funny enough just to sit back for a bit of a laugh and relax for me. It delivered in spades but my experience almost turned out into something else altogether because the lady at the counter accidentally gave me a ticket for that Angus faith-like-potatoes dude’s Ordinary people instead. Innitially I thought it was the longest bloody trailer ever made but eventually I figured out what happened to me and got the manager to move me to the right cinema instead. I treated myself to a steaming hot cuppichino with enormous amounts of cream and sugar afterwards and it was really good. When I got to my folks, Nicola was happy and also happy to see me and from all reports she was on her best behaviour while I was gone and an absolute delight to have around.
  • Friday we did more or less nothing. We only managed to find our way out of our PJs quite late and spent most of the day watching movies in bed on the laptop and napping. Bliss…
  • Saturday we had a big winter clothing shopping spree for Nicola with my mom and gran. We bought a lot more than we planned but all useful things that she looks super cute in and that will keep her nice and warm this winter, so a day and money well spent.
  • On Sunday we started off with the Easter egg hunt in my folks’ garden, which Nicola loved! Wow, and she got about a bucket full of chocolate too. I will have to help out on the eating of all of this I’m sure – so no complaints here. 😉 I let her have as much as she wanted after finding them and then put the rest away to be slow released from here on. She managed to get into a very proper sugar buzz from all the chocolate she had and nap time suffered badly because of it, but it’s just one day so I’m not overly stressed about it.
  • In the afternoon we went to my uncle’s house for a family braai and there was another Easter egg hunt for the three kids (Nathan, Natalie and Nicola – all N’s – funny hey?). Keeping in mind that we already had a bucket of chocolate to work our way through at home I thought it would be a good time to let Nicola share whatever she found so I let her keep one and hand out the rest to other people (my cousin thought this was kind of cruel on my part, but Nicola didn’t seem to mind anyway – she’s all about the hunt). 😉 The kids had such a blast. Nicola literally did not stop laughing for a second! It’s quite contagious and soon just about everyone was laughing along. Of course we all ate till we nearly fell over and the food and the company was great. Just a perfect way to spend the day really.
  • Sunday night we felt the absence of that afternoon nap quite sharply. Someone was wearing the cranky pants, and wearing them well. Also she was a bit too tired to go to sleep so it was probably close to 22:00 before we actually got her to bed!
  • Yesterday…the last relax day before we hit the salt mines again, saw me cooking some Macaroni for breakfast because Nicola put in a special request for it. She ate it, so that made it okay – I wouldn’t have been impressed if she made me make it and then refused to have any. We spent the day more or less like we spent Friday, just relaxing and doing as little as possible.
  • Last night we almost had a disaster of epic proportions on our hands. Nicola accidentally yanked the one hardrive off the bed and the USB fitting rattled loose. It just so happened that it was the HD with all her movies on it and she won’t go to bed unless she gets to watch one of her programs first. My dad, the rockstar, opened it up and saw that it might be saved with a bit of soldering. He fixed it up for us and brought it back in less than half an hour, thereby saving the day and the night-rest and making us both very happy. (She wasn’t really going for Two and a half men, which is about the only thing excpts Big Bang Theory on my other hardrive that she can watch with me). 😉

I hope you all had a super long weekend and that you are managing to ease yourself back into the rat race today without too much hassle. If not, just hang in there – at least it’s another short week.



  1. I’m glad that you figured out that you were in the wrong movie – some people say that “that” Angus guy’s movie is pretty good. Reading about your experience, make me think twice.

  2. Very glad you did not have to sit through the wrong movie..
    As for all the Easter Eggs, yupp, that Sugar spike is definitely not for the faint hearted

  3. how’s this for people caring about you? My PA brought me some pickled fish so I’m super chuffed 🙂

    I love the Angus guy – I need to go see that movie. I’m guessing not with you? 😉

    Anyway, the cuteness that is Nicola is just too much for me. Also I love how you just let her have all that sugar. you need to teach me to let go a little … 🙂

  4. Sounds like a divine Easter weekend. Glad you got to go on your solo date. I must still go and do some winter shopping for both kids AND for myself. Am working through their winter stuff at the moment and from what I can tell it’s only CHild2 that I’m going to be shopping for because Child1 is still fully stocked.
    Hope your day back at the salt mines wasn’t too bad. Mine was so-so.

  5. blackhuff, I’m sure it’s fine – it’s just not what I wanted to see. 😉 (I do find the sound quality on local productions quite jarring in general, that’s why I usually avoid them)

    Melinda, it’s okay…luckily Easter, like Christmas, only comes once a year. 😆

    Marcia, I heard about this pickled fish tradition some people have – we’ve never done that. Pickled fish to me says hiking tour more than Easter, but it’s so sweet that she thought of you and brought you some. I’m not the biggest fan of the Angus guy. I know he does a lot of good stuff, and there is obviously a big need for a men only message. If I had actually bought the ticket I wouldn’t have minded but I had my heart set on another movie. (Sure thing on the letting go help, I think it might appeal more to you if we can whack it into a system of sorts? 😉 )

    Julia, my first day back at the salt mines was fairly uneventful. I just barely managed to keep myself awake all day. It’s gotten really chilly this week and I would have loved to stay in bed all day instead. As far as clothes go, I am probably in more dire need of new stuff than Nicola now…but you know how it goes, I’d rather spoil her with things I like than spend some money on things I need.

  6. I love that first pic of Nicola 🙂

    LOL I went to the dvd store to hire a dvd last week and actually ask the guy if he was sure that the New Releases were in fact that – I had not hear of one of them *blush* Thats how long ago I went to a movie!

  7. 😆 Nothing to be embarrased about Laura! When I see anyone with a bump I always advise them: Go see every movie on the circuit, it will be at least two years before you get there again, and have a bath where you get to wash, shampoo, wear a face mask and shave both your legs in one go…you won’t see free time like that possibly ever again! 😉

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