The Thursday Friday

5 April , 2012


Tomorrow and monday are both public holidays, so we have a lovely loooong weekend ahead of us. I can’t wait! πŸ˜€

This year will be the first time that we’re going to attempt an easter egg hunt in the garden for Nicola. Iwas just thinking to myself last night that I better count how many I stash and make sure none get left behind to sprout if she loses interest in the hunt!

Other bits and pieces of this almost over week:

  • The municipality opened up the water pipes on our road for some reason. I didn’t see and almost did my poor washing machine in for good with a load of straightforward mud coming through instead of water. I called Robbie for help when the machine siezed and through a process of elimination eventually tracked down filters that I didn’t even know the machine had to unclog the stupid mess again. Municipality…you and I are not seeing eye to eye on this. Grrr!
  • It’s been a drama filled week at the office. The main reason for this is that almost half of our team are new and still floundering round a bit to find their feet. One or two of the new kids are already not well known for there attitudes or self starting abilities. More seasoned team members are secretly betting on who will leave the island next already. πŸ˜† There are at least a couple of clear winners in the bunch too that I hope will stick around to make a difference or become part of the furniture. It’s all great amounts of fun to watch anyway.
  • We started on a time keeping system thingamajigger this week. One of the people on the floor realised that he had access to amend other colleagues time sheets…so he did (as you do?). Now we can all just see our own after they closed that hole. I prefer it this way really.
  • I am going to see a grown-up movie all by myself tonight. I don’t care what. And I’m having an uninterrupted hot beverage in a smoking section of some or another restaurant before or after too. I might even strike up a conversation with any random stranger since Nicola won’t let me talk to other people when she’s around. πŸ˜‰ Me time. I’m going to try and catch an early(ish) show so that I’ll be back in time for Nicola’s bedtime, not that I think there will be any problems if I miss it just once. This is pretty much as close as a date night (with myself mwahahaha!) that I’ll get…I’m somewhere between very excited and suffering some slight separation anxiety about it.
  • Nicola picked her own outfit this morning. It consisted of a hot pink Tinkerbell long sleeved top (with the hankerchief pointy things on the side), a calf length rainbow striped pair of pants, bright blue Hello Kitty socks and her brown winter boots whichΒ are at least one size too big for her and which she still has to grow into. With this ensemble she wanted her hair tied back and up, and her fringe pinned back with a shocking pink star shaped hair pin. It’s not exactly what I would have picked but she’s so cute she can make anything work for her I guess. πŸ˜† In retrospect perhaps I should have given her a few things to choose from instead of the whole cupboard? πŸ˜‰

I hope you all have a magnificent Easter weekend. I’m planning to do as little as possible other than what I’ve mentioned.



  1. Enjoy the movie

  2. I just love the fashion choices they make. I had huge fun with the Princess when she was younger and even did a blogpopst or two about it Check out this beauty: http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/2009/05/thanksgiving-thursday.html

    • Thanks for the link! I really wanted to take a photo this morning but she was having none of that.

  3. I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend and that you managed to get your solo date. What did you end up seeing?
    And re the fashion choices, I choose two or sometimes three outfits and I let Child 2 make a choice from those choices. Otherwise he’ll end up choosing his raincoat and wellies and a swimming costume.

  4. How was your long weekend?
    How was the movie? And the drink before and afterwards?

  5. Julia, I had a great long weekend and yes I did get my solo date in too. I ended up watching American Pie Reunion, definitely not something I could see with Nicola and mindless enough to just let me laugh and relax.

    blackhuff, the movie was great but it almost ended a bit different. The lady behind the counter accidentally gave me a ticket for the wrong movie. After I figured out it was not in fact the longest trailer in the history of cinema I got myself switched my the manager to the one I wanted to see to begin with and it was all good from there on. I had a giant hot cuppichino (with loads of sugar and cream) in absolute peace and quiet while I had a few unhurried uninterrupted cigarettes one after the other. It was delicious and very relaxing. πŸ˜€

  6. She is getting biggger by the day!!!. I give my kids 2 of everything and they get to pick on of each. That way they win and I win even more.

  7. I tried that and it worked well enough for a while…then she went through a phase of just saying no to everything! At the moment she’s okay with clothes (thank goodness!), probably because it’s a bit chilly in the mornings.

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