Ghost of weekend past

2 April , 2012

Nicola gave me these flowers. πŸ˜€ What a sweetheart!


Well, after last week I thought we’d have a pretty easy going weekend and just rest up a bit. It sort of ended up that way but not exactly how I planned.

I was going to go see a movie on Friday but decided to cancel it since I didn’t want to leave Nicola at my folks if she wasn’t feeling 100%. Saturday morning we went to the mall cause there was a few things I needed to pick up. Month end weekend…the shops were crazy busy! We popped into Edgars for something and again there was chaos at the tills. We had to be shunted around between 3 different tills to get our stuff paid and I was wearing my not-even-a-little-bit-impressed face by the time we were done there. I tried to teach Nicola how to say, “We are not having an excellent customer service day.” She got some of it but not all.

By Saturday afternoon it was clear that all was not well. I eventually figured out that Nicola was having an ellergic reaction to the antibiotics she was on and stopped giving it to her. We’ve been carrying on with the Tonzilyt tablets, it seems to be helping at least. She was very sick from the antibiotics both Friday night and Saturday night. It looks like it really flares up when she falls asleep. I’m having them make a GIANT notice on her file at the doctor about the antibiotics today. Oh yes, and she had a big fall in the afternoon too. She climbed on a chair and when she tried to sit down instead of stand on it she lost her balance and now she has a bruise on her forehead on top of everything else.

Yesterday we went to a christening in Brits with my family and in the afternoon we had aΒ proper Sunday lunch (roasted leg of lamb and everything that goes with it) at my folks. I ate so much I could hardly sit upright – yumm! After that Nicola and I settled down to a phenomenal 3,5 hour nap and when we woke up we just had some coffee and tea and then went home for even more sleeping. I feel like I’ve caught up with most of my missing sleep of the week over the course of this weekend…but I’m still soooo tired. My body better realise that we’re going back to the 5 hours a night situation today and not give me a hard time about it. πŸ˜‰

Last week was rough rough rough…but we got through it. And Nicola, despite being pretty sick, was generally in a fairly good mood which helps a lot!

Can you believe it’s Easter this weekend already?! Bring on the long weekends – I’m ready! πŸ˜€

Ps! I’m putting together a care package for someone in KZN (a charity that helps teen moms who have no support) of baby and toddler clothes that are too small but still usable. If you’ve been threatening to chuck out some stuff that they might find useful and you want me to add yours to my collection, let me know.



  1. Yay for afternoon naps!

    And I alos cannot believe its Easter already! Crazy!

    And too answer your questiuon on my blog, yip thats still true, the families can stop the donation of organs if they want too. In the pack i got, they actually explain to you how to deal this with your families etc…

    Have a good week!

    • Thank you! I hope you have a good week too. πŸ™‚

  2. Being allergic to the antibiotics? That’s hectic. Glad you figured out that it was the meds.
    You sure had a hectic weekend. We as well because my son was also sick since last week Friday 😦

  3. blackhuff, is he feeling better now? What was wrong?
    Yip…the antibiotics thing was not fun at all – poor baby.

  4. Wow, sleep is like magic- I would know. Mr C is also a bit sick, but we are dealing with it,

    • Are you getting enough sleep Cat? We’ve had 2 good nights in a row now…I do hope it’s a sign of more to come.

  5. Poor Nicola, but glad you figured out the allergy. I hope her medical file has been updated accordingly. Hope she is back in tip top shape ?

  6. adesolaf, she is feeling much better thanks. I’m just glad my hunch panned out. Sometimes it’s a process of elimination to get to the answer. πŸ˜‰ I spoke to the doctor and he made a big note in the file. I also checked if this could mean that she has allergies to any other meds that I should be aware of but it looks like that particular active ingredient isn’t very common, thank goodness.

  7. Mummy instincts at play

  8. There is nothing more AWESOME than a beautiful, uninterrupted nap. Hope they updated Nicola’s file accordingly. Sjoe. I would have freaked out about the AB allergy. You handled it like such a pro.

  9. adesolaf, must be. πŸ˜‰

    Julia, I am not saying this lightly…but I LOVE an afternoon nap. The longer the better, I’m not a power nap kind of person at all. As for the AB allergy, it kind of came to me in a hunch and the pharmacy didn’t give me the leaflet that usually goes with the meds so i had to look it up online (Thank goodness for google!). The possible side effects listed, she had them ALL. I’m just sorry i didn’t think of it sooner because I could have saved her a lot of unhappiness. Her file has a big note in it now, I made sure of it.

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