Friday 30/3

30 March , 2012

This photo wasn’t taken this week but I’ve seen cranky faces like this (especially in the morning) a few times this week.


Nicola has tonsilitus again, poor baby. Yesterday I took her to the doctor, but I needed to drop off a few things at the office first so she got to come with me. She caused quite a stir! 🙂 The receptionist actually came to me today just to tell me that she never thought I was very motherly but that it really suits me and that Nicola is gorgeous (she took photos of us yesterday).

While I did what needed to get done, the pink terrorist was happily hammering away at my keyboard and phone and “writing letters” on my desk pad, muching on a banana and chatting to passers-by. As quick as we could we headed off to go see the doctor. In the car on the way over I told Nicola we were going to the doctor and she should tell him where it hurts and why she doesn’t feel well…she was quite excited about it.

Well, when we walked into the waiting rooms we bumped into an old friend, and Nicola decided that this must be the one and enthusiastically started telling him about all her aches and pains. 😆 Too funny. When she finally got to the doctor she didn’t feel like repeating herself so I got to do the talking. Our regular doctor was fully booked so i asked to see whomever could help us the quickest and the lady asked if we would mind seeing doctor Jacobs. Wierd question. I said fine whatever, just the quickest.

The doctor looked a bit like a hippy! 😆 He strolled out in jeans and a T-shirt and his hair is longer than Nicola’s. I actually quite liked him, he has very good bedside manners with children and he’s down to earth which I like a lot. He might be our new regular – our other doctor has become too popular and it’s always a pain in the ass to get an appointment these days.

We have a referral to see the ENT and a bag full of meds, and thank goodness last night there were no fevers (Nicola has been between 38 and 41 most of this week which is never fun). Whenever she gets to the 41 side of that scale I joke with her that she’s a hot babe, which she denies and then she calls me one. Makes me laugh every time. I got 4 hours uninterrupted sleep last night, longest stretch all week and I feel pretty damn awesome today because of it.

As these things go, I usually get sick when Nicola gets sick. I’ve had a bit of a cough but not too bad…just very tired all the time, but not sleeping will do that to you I guess. 😉 My body must have decided that there was time for a bit of retaliation last night because my stomach ulcer flared up really bad last night. I was in too much pain to eat dinner, and I got sick a couple of times on anything I drank anyway. Of course when you feel like even the brush of a shirt against your stomach will double you up in pain is the time when your daughter will most desperately want to jump on you. I told Nicola I really wasn’t feeling well and to please be gentle with me. She then told me, “Nee mamma, EK voel nie lekker nie – nie jy nie.” And then she got onto my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. She said, “Toemaar, toemaar. Alles gaan allright wees. Moenie huil nie. Dis nie nodig om te huil nie mamma.” (I wasn’t crying but it was so sweet I almost did…can’t be doing bad a job of this nurturing business if that’s my child’s response to someone else being sick, right?). What a sweetheart. I am one lucky mom.

After she fell asleep I decided to go get a warm water bottle, it usually helps a lot to put it on either my tummy or my kidneys. It felt so good on my stomach, and I decided to pop it in behind my back for my kidneys…then the bloody things sprung a leak and it was HOT HOT HOT! I’m just glad none came close to Nicola who blissfully unaware slept through it all. I got up, dried what I could and chucked the stupid thing in the bin. I have three so I took out a different one and filled it up again, but I pushed it around with my foot a bit in the bath to make sure it wouldn’t start leaking on me too.

And then I slept in the wet spot…best sleep I’ve had all week. 😛



  1. Sorry to read that your little girl is not well. I hope she gets better soon.
    Such a nice compliment from the Receptionist at work.

  2. Hope you both feel better soon.

  3. Sorry about all the drama. If Ive got a wet spot on the be (usually courtesy of a cleanup behind animals), I just pop a towel between the mattress and the sheet. Works a treat!

  4. I’m thinking 4 hours and she feels great? Even if I get 6 hours, I feel terrible.

    But hope you both feel better soon – rest well this weekend and stop gallivanting 🙂

  5. blackhuff, thank you! She seems a lot better already this week for which I am very grateful. (The receptionist thing has a bit more to it than I wrote: they were surprised to see me with a child cause they didn’t think I was into men!) 😆

    Thanks Charlotte!

    Momcat, I’ll keep that in mind for the next time – thanks.

    Marcia, mwahaha! me? galivant? never! 😉

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