Monday 26/3

26 March , 2012

I don’t feel like thinking about another name for this post. 😉


We had a very laid back weekend, because both Nicola and I feel like trains have hit us. Lots of sleep and naps during the course of the weekend and we skipped swimming again and a kiddies party for the same reason.

We did however go to the shops once, because we needed to pick up a few things and also a certain pink terrorist needs more winter clothing as well as shoes. Note to self : DO NOT attempt that again when she’s not feeling well. She had a less than 10 minute per shop threshold before meltdown commenced and at some point I thought I might get into a physical altercation with the lady behind the counter at Edgars because they couldn’t get their bloody machines to work properly so we could pay and get out! Meanwhile Nicola was doing a loud and passionate “WHAAAAAAAAAH!” because she had had enough of the place.

Over the weekend we also upgraded to a backpack for Nicola. I was perfectly happy using the nappy bag that Sunshine gave us at the baby shower, since it has loads of places to put things and since Nicola doesn’t exactly run around with it at school yet anyway, but I have noticed that most of the children in her class are on packpacks now and apparently so has she. We breezed through Makro and she spotted a Tinkerbell backpack (or Tinkerbot as she likes to call her), and that was that. She HAD to have it. And not the tiny one either…she insisted on the one that’s almost as big as she is. I guess I get to carry a handbag again then, it’s going to take some getting used to after two years of carrying a nappy bag. 😉

Not much other news on my end today, except Vodacom’s 3G seems to be on the blink again, so I can’t read anything or comment until that comes right and Steamcleaner gave me a set of discs to listen to called something along the lines of A million little pieces. I popped the first one in this morning on my way to work and I hardly even noticed the crap traffic. The story is quite a sad one, but I’m rather enjoying the experience of listening to a book being read while driving. This could very well be my new peak hour thing. Way back when, I used to listen to those teach yourself a new language tapes and I actually forgot how much fun it can be to really focus on something else while you’re stuck behind idiots or dodging/playing chicken with taxis.

Hope your week is off to a good start. I’ll be along to read as soon as I have network coverage from Vodacom again. 😉



  1. Awww…hope you guys feel a bit better than you did at the weekend?
    I have heard a lot about A Million Little Pieces – is it the one by James Frey? If it’s the same one then it’s about a drug addict guy? Co-incidentally that guy was on Oprah. Am not going to say anymore but do google James Frey when you are done reading?
    And please take a pic of her with her Tinkerbot bag?

  2. Yesss, I was going to say the same as Julia.

    hope you two are well soon.

    AND I was going to offer to get a backpack for her. I love buying them!

    PS your next book needs to be MWF seeking BFF 🙂

  3. Julia, it’s that one exactly! 😀 It’s really brilliant so far. Wow, what a powerful story. I’m on disc 3 of 8 today and I bawled like a baby in traffic this morning listening to it. (I have a pic with the Tinkerbot bag – I’ll post it for Wordless Wednesday 😉 )

    Marcia, well you’ll be Nicola’s hero for sure. She LOVES bags! I have that on my Kalahari wishlist and I feel like rewarding myself this month. I’ll let you know when it arrives. 🙂

  4. Louisa, like Julia said, when you are done reading (or sorry in this case listening) make sure you google to read more it, but please only after you are done and not before!!!

    • Mmm…now I’m REALLY curious! Okay, I’ll wait till after. I hope he made it, I am really emotionally invested in this story. Bawled again today listening to I think disc 4 & 5 when they did the family counseling.

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