This has been quite a week…

15 March , 2012

Here follows a looong ramble – brace yourself.

In between everything else both Nicola had a run in with the flu, which is always “fun”. But it looks like we’re over the worst of it (please, please, please let that be true). She has been really good with taking the meds drama free this time. So good I managed to give it to her in a spoon instead of a syringe for a change! And, yesterday she wanted me to write all the names of the family on a piece of paper for her…in Nicola’s world the order goes as follows: Nicola, Mommy, Oupa, Ouma, Ouma Joey, Riaan, Karen, Martha, Tigger the cat, Diablo the husky, Nala the chow, Cough Syrup, Lize and Danika (friends at school). 😆

In the last week I’ve had visits from both Tamara and Phillygirl which was lovely. Tamara brought us some flowers and herbs to plant when she came over for breakfast on Saturday. The veggies have all now been harvested, and we’re taking a break with some lower maintenance plants for a bit. It’s quite funny to hear Nicola go on about the snails that stole our carrots! She’s not impressed.

 Phillygirl brought desert and came to have soup with us in the week and Nicola was trying her level best to teach her “the correct” name of the colours of her crayons in Afrikaans. Phillygirl had them all right just in English and Nicola was having none of that. So she prefers counting in English and colours in Afrikaans. Very funny.

My folks were also absolute angels last night. Usually we go visit there on a Wednesday, but since we were feeling pretty crap they came over to our house and even brought dinner! Nicola was thrilled and made my dad read every book in her bookshelf to her (without his glasses). This week has been one of the most social ones we’ve had in forever. We hardly have people over because the place is kind of small and usually on its ear under toys and crayons. It’s been fun though, maybe we should have people over more often?

Other than that, of course you already know about the laptop drama we’ve been having. Everything seems to be working again for now (and might I add considerably faster too – yay!). But the little engine that could is OLD and tired in general, and I’m hoping to nurse it along till the new machine comes at least. And back up of course, very regular backupping until all that happens.

On the work front it’s been a crazy week and I haven’t even been at work all that much. We’ve had yet another resignation, so another farewell to plot (or at least the team gift since this particular colleague wants to arrange his own farewell at SAB! Which is not the usual secret place way). And two new faces started today. I usually show them around and help them settle in somewhat, but I haven’t even met both yet since they’ve been in meetings full day for their first day already (poor lambs).  Hope they come up for air tomorrow so I can say hi and show them where the ladies rooms are.

Also, a recently departed ex-colleague’s work had been found lacking (isn’t that always the case) and has attributed at least some of it to me! (yeah, I was just as surprised as you about that one) Hahaha, I was quite miff about it when I heard it the first time, but since it’s a load of BS I’ve decided to just let it go. Let’s just say that when your work is spectacularly overdue you can’t blame leaving bits out on me just because I was on your case you to wrap it up already. The nerve really! (whoosah…breathe in…breathe out…). Wrapping up, in my opinion, implies a bit more than just ceasing to do something (drop it like it’s hot). To me it implies the finishing of tasks (you know…like you pretend to care about deadlines and requirements) but I’ll admit English is a second language to me so maybe I missed something. 😉 Anyhoo…letting it go…letting it go…repeat x 1000.

In our secret place we are also connected to the group’s secret places all over the world. And secret group has sent a secret agent here with an Australian accent but from somewhere else completely and much colder to come and teach the kids about Agile projects. The man has so far spent his time by antagonising everyone in sight, as far as I can tell (trying to steal desks and whiteboards for instance…and expecting to find the motherload of post it notes stashed away for him even though he hasn’t ordered any). Just today he decided to have a “scrum” session in the passage leading to the staff lounge. The crowd just grew and grew until I wasn’t sure anymore if they were all his crowd or just people trying to get to the bloody coffee machine anymore. Eventually he was told to shove off and stop being disruptive move it along to a meeting room, and like little ducks in a row they all traipsed from floor to floor looking for one (apparently this whole booking of a room business is not for him or his merry men…maybe that’s just the agile way?). Anyway, it’s going to be good for giggles, I can already tell. There seems to be a misconception that this agile business is also not too sticky on the proper governance and paperwork. Sounds like a free for all with a pretty name to me?

Lastly on the work bit, and for someone who hardly spent any time here this week I sure had a lot to say about it!, Steamcleaner sent round a list of potential training courses that will be available and asked us to indicate which ones we’d be interested in attending. None of the courses on there are life and death things for what I do around here, so I went for things that I find interesting or mildly amusing. I did also say that I considered it completely optional and just nice to haves. Steamcleaner laughed herself silly at me for picking assertiveness training amongst others. Guess she doesn’t think I need any more help in that arena? 😉 (I really don’t, but all my knowledge in that field is self taught and I am intrigued in what a proper course on it could be about).

The pushover gene doesn’t really run in my family. We come from a long line of dung beetles (always looking for shit) and loud talkers who use their hands a lot (almost like Italians, but with more passion and a better range of insults). In general you have to tone it down a bit if you want to main-steam working for someone else, many of my family members tend to be self-employed probably for exactly that reason. 😆

How’s your week been? Did you miss me while I was taking a duvet day? 😉



  1. I really hope you two are totally better and excited to meet you soon!

  2. testing

  3. Great. It lost the comment before that one.

    Just… get well soon and are you loving the rain???

  4. Hey! I missed you. Hope that the two of you are better and I just laughed and laughed at the hierarchy in Nicola’s family. Too funny!

  5. Cat, same here! 😀 and thank you yes, we are feeling a lot better already.

    Marcia, I am loving the rain…could be better with some thunder and lightning though. 😉

    Julia, thank you – I must say that the addition of cough syrup was quite a surprise to me too. 😆

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