On e-tolling

9 March , 2012

So this week there was a big Cosato led march in the CBD (and all over the country) about labour broking and e-tolling. I expected really crap traffic, some song and dance past our offices, and really crap traffic back home again – but I got none of that even though it looks like there was a really good turnout for what is obviously a serious issue.

The labour broking doesn’t really personally touch my life, although I can understand why people would get uptight about it when they are continuously put on short term contracts for yeeears with no security or benefits associated with normal working conditions. I don’t have a big problem with trying someone out on a contract before you employ them full time, but when you’ve got the same little face doing the same thing for years on a succesion of short term contracts it seems a bit underhanded to me.

The e-tolling doesn’t affect me very deeply on a personal level either since I hardly drive on the highway anyway (I park all the way on back roads from my house to work and the 1,5km of highway I do use doesn’t have a gantry on it). I still don’t like the idea though…and I might want to use the highway over weekends on the odd occasion.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the arguments against it by now, like the fact that there is already a substantial amount of tax on every liter of fuel that is meant to fund road works, no alternative route available and so on, so I won’t repeat it all again.

Nope…today I am posing a question, and maybe some clever trevor out there can tell me if this is indeed a get-out-of-toll card or not?

If you go look at the very last sentence here it reads: “Private mini-bus taxis, used by most commuters in the absence of a comprehensive public transport system, are exempt from the tolls.” Now, I know this particular article says private mini-bus taxis, but I’m assuming buses and taxis which don’t happen to be mini buses are exempt too? Is there a specific place where taxis register? Do they seem like the kind of industry that has a strict register and pay loads of tax and so on? If you get one of those special licences that says you’re allowed to transport people and whack a TAXI sticker on the back of your car and occasionaly give someone a lift would you get away with not paying 30c a kilometer to a max of R550 a month for using the road you’ve already paid for? I heard that there are even discounts in fuel taxes for taxis if you take your receipts to a specific place (but i’m not exactly sure where that place is, but I have no reason to believe this isn’t true too).

I think this could be worth looking into if you use the highway a lot…just saying. 😉 Put on your green hats and tell me why this wouldn’t work, mmm?

There! And you though I only ever talked about tantrums and potty training. 😆


One comment

  1. I’ll be honest. I haven’t completely followed the e-tolling issue because at this stage it doesn’t affect me. Having said that, I do not like any initiative where I have to fork out more money. Things are tough enough!

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